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The Energy Transition Institute will be an academic research institute focused on the advancement of reliable, affordable, environmentally responsible energy for all through a just and equity-driven pathway. We know that climate change impacts vulnerable communities in particular. These are the communities that the University of Houston serves, educates and engages, and we aim for our work and this institute to benefit those communities. The Institute will focus on three verticals: carbon management, hydrogen and circular plastics.

The gift by Shell USA, Inc. and Shell Global Solutions US, Inc. will support the Hydrogen work stream, which has strategic importance to Shell and creates an opportunity for University of Houston to build an industry alliance that is distinguished from its peers. Across those verticals we will build four work streams which define our University and our competitive advantage. We will track and measure Institute progress along these work streams. The activities of the Center for Carbon Management in Energy and the Consortium for Energy CSR will synergize with the activities of the UH Energy Transition Institute.

Energy Transition is the Foundation

  • Energy Growth
  • Net Zero Emissions
  • Circular Economy

Growing the Mission of the University of Houston and UH Energy in student development, top tier research, and thought leadership in Hydrogen, Circularity, and Carbon Management delivered via partnership with existing colleges, departments, centers, and institutes.


Science, Engineering & Technology

  • Includes data sciences,
    manufacturing and electrification

Public Policy, Legal Regulations &

Advancing Environmental Justice
& Energy Equity

Education, Workforce & Talent

Carbon Management

Focus on CO2 and CH4 emissions reduction and solutions that have the potential commercial scale


Focus on industrial use, storage and transportation of hydrogen, driven by commercialization to accelerate decarbonization at scale with a focus on emissions reduction


Focus on circularity, policy, carbon intensity and validation for trade and commerce


To be the global academic leader for the energy transition.


The University of Houston Energy Transition Institute empowers the next generation of energy leaders; develops and accelerates energy solutions, including hydrogen, carbon management and circular materials at scale; and informs policies to address our most pressing challenge to provide secure, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy for all.



We are located in the energy capital of the world, providing students with real-world experiences and numerous career opportunities in a thriving industry.

Research and Innovation

We are a leader in energy research, particularly in the areas of hydrogen, carbon management and circular materials. Our faculty and students work on cutting-edge projects, contribute to important developments in the field and engage in the commercialization of these advancements.

Workforce Development

Our students are the future workforce of a broad energy ecosystem, including industry, academia and government.

Broadening Participation

We are one of the most diverse public research universities in the country. We provide a unique, inclusive and real-world centric learning environment that prepares students for success in the global economy.


Our focus on entrepreneurship and innovation encourages faculty and students to transform their ideas into viable solutions and new ventures.