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Dr. Jacinta Conrad, Associate Professor

Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Cullen College of Engineering



  • Areas of expertise

    • Flow and Transport of Complex Fluids in Confinement
    • Near-Surface Motility of Microorganisms
  • Awards

    • 2013 Junior Faculty Research Excellence Award, Cullen College of Engineering
    • 2012 National Science Foundation CAREER Award
    • 2010 University of Houston New Faculty Award
    • 2015 University of Houston WGRC Distinguished Faculty Scholar, Pre-Tenure
  • Publications

    • J. D. C. Jacob, R. Krishnamoorti, and J. C. Conrad, “Particle dispersion in porous media: Differentiating effects of geometry and fluid rheology.” Phys. Rev. E, accepted, 2017
    • J. Kim, B. Vu, K. Kourentzi, R. C. Willson, and J. C. Conrad, “Increasing binding efficiency via reporter shape and flux in a viral nanoparticle lateral-flow assay.” ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 9, 6878–6884 [DOI], 2017
    • J. Kim, R. Poling-Skutvik, J. R. C. Trabuco, K. Kourentzi, R. C. Willson, and J. C. Conrad, “Orientational binding modes of reporters in a viral-nanoparticle lateral-flow assay.” Analyst 142, 55–64 [DOI], 2017
    • M. C. Byington, M. S. Safari, J. C. Conrad, and P. G. Vekilov, “Shear flow suppresses the volume of the nucleation precursor clusters in lysozyme solutions.” J. Cryst. Growth 468, 493–501 [DOI], 2017
    • M. S. Safari, R. Poling-Skutvik, P. G. Vekilov, and J. C. Conrad, “Differential dynamic microscopy of bidisperse colloidal suspensions.” NPJ Microgravity, accepted, 2017
    • N. Park and J. C. Conrad, Phase Behavior of Colloid-Polymer Depletion Mixtures with Unary or Binary Depletants. Soft Matter 13, 2781–2792 [DOI], 2017
    • F. Babayekhorasani, D. E. Dunstan, R. Krishnamoorti, and J. C. Conrad, “Nanoparticle diffusion in crowded and confined media.” Soft Matter 12, 8407–8416 [DOI], 2016
    • F. Babayekhorasani, D. E. Dunstan, R. Krishnamoorti, and J. C. Conrad, “Nanoparticle dispersion in disordered porous media with and without polymer additives.” Soft Matter 12, 5676–5683 [DOI], 2016
    • H. Chen, A. E. V. Hagström, J. Kim, G. Garvey, A. Paterson, F. Ruiz-Ruiz, B. Raja, U. Strych, M. Rito-Palomares, K. Kourentzi, J. C. Conrad, R. L. Atmar, and R. C. Wilson, “Flotation immunoassay: masking the signal from free reporters in sandwich immunoassays.” Sci. Rep. 2, 24297 [DOI], 2016
    • L. Ni, S. Yang, R. Zhang, Z. Jin, H. Chen, J. C. Conrad, and F. Jin, “Bacteria differently deploy type-IV pili on surfaces to adapt to nutrient availability.” npj Biofilms Microbiomes 2, 15029 [DOI], 2016


  • Patents


    Not available

  • Funded Research

    • Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative grant to determine how the use of dispersants to break up an oil spill affects the natural cleaning role played by bacteria. $1.8 million - 2015
  • Curriculum Vitae


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  • Contact information

    S226 Engineering Building 1
    Phone: 713-743-3829 | Fax: 713-743-4323