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Dr. Wei-Kan Chu, Professor

Department of Physics, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics



  • Areas of expertise

    • Ion beam interaction with solids
    • Si chip fabrication
    • Microelectronics
    • High temperature superconductivity
  • Awards

    • Distinguished Achievement Award from Baylor University, 1991
    • Distinguished Achievement Award from the Association of American-Chinese Professionals, 1994
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  • Publications

    • Aruna B. Wijeratne, Dharshana N. Wijesundera, Maggie Paulose, Ivy Belinda Ahiabu, Wei-Kan Chu, Oomman K. Varghese, and Kenneth D. Greis, Phosphopeptide Separation Using Radially Aligned Titania Nanotubes on Titanium Wire, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7, 11155-11164 (2015)
    • A.R. Adhikari, B.P. Tilakaratne, D.Wijesundera, W.K. Chu, A Study of Surface Modification of Poly(lactic-co-glycolic) Acid Using Argon Ion Irradiation, J Surf Eng Mat Adv Tech 4, 326 (2014)
    • A.R. Adhikari, I. Rusakova, A. Haleh, J. Luisi, N.I. Panova, F. Laezza, W.K. Chu, Thermal property and assessment of biocompatibility of poly(lactic-co-glycolic) acid/graphene nanocomposites, J Appl Phys 115, (2014)
    • D.N. Wijesundera, I. Rajapaksa, X.M. Wang, J.R. Liu, I. Rusakova, W.K. Chu, Ion beam engineered nano silver silicon substrates for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, J Raman Spectrosc 44, 1014 (2013)
    • P.V. Wadekar, Q.Y. Chen, H.C. Huang, Y.T. Lin, C.W. Chang, H.W. Seo, T.W. Dung, M.C. Chou, S.W. Feng, N.J. Ho, D. Wijesundera, W.K. Chu, L.W. Tu, Growth and Characterization of InxGa1-xN Multiple Quantum Wells Without Phase Separation, J Electron Mater 42, 838 (2013)
    • L. Shao, D. Chen, M. Myers, J. Wang, B. Tilakaratne, D. Wijesundera, W.K. Chu, G.Q. Xie, A. Zare, D.A. Lucca, Smoothing metallic glasses without introducing crystallization by gas cluster ion beam, Appl Phys Lett 102, (2013)
    • O. Lozano, Q.Y. Chen, P.V. Wadekar, H.W. Seo, P.V. Chinta, L.H. Chu, L.W. Tu, I. Lo, S.W. Yeh, N.J. Ho, F.C. Chuang, D.J. Jang, D. Wijesundera, W.K. Chu, Factors limiting the doping efficiency of transparent conductors: A case study of Nb-doped In2O3 epitaxial thin-films, Sol Energ Mat Sol C 113, 171 (2013)
    • O. Lozano, Q.Y. Chen, B.P. Tilakaratne, H.W. Seo, X.M. Wang, P.V. Wadekar, P.V. Chinta, L.W. Tu, N.J. Ho, D. Wijesundera, W.K. Chu, Evolution of nanoripples on silicon by gas cluster-ion irradiation, Aip Adv 3, (2013)
    • D.N. Wijesundera, K.B. Ma, X.M. Wang, B.P. Tilakaratne, L. Shao, W.K. Chu, The role of flux-focusing in the origin of shoulders in ion channeling angular scans, Phys Lett A 376, 1763 (2012)
    • D.N. Wijesundera, Q. Chen, K.B. Ma, X.M. Wang, B. Tilakaratne, W.K. Chu, Planar channeling in wurtzite structured ZnO (0001): Anisotropic effects due to the non-centrosymmetric structure, Nucl Instrum Meth B 281, 77 (2012)


  • Patents

    • Thin film capacitors, 10/04/1983
    • Method for shallow dopant distribution, 11/24/2009
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  • Funded Research

    Not available 

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  • Contact information

    N233 Engineering Building 1
    Phone: 713-743-3093 | Fax: 713-743-4503