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Dr. Darren Bush, Professor of Law

University of Houston Law Center


  • Areas of expertise

    • Regulation and antitrust
    • Deregulated markets
    • Immunities and exemptions
    • Antitrust activity in energy and transportation
  • Awards

    • Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, University of Utah Department of Economics (1992)
  • Publications

    • Bush, Darren and Massa, Salvatore, Rethinking the Potential Competition Doctrine. Wisconsin Law Review, 2004. Available at SSRN:
    • Bush, Darren and Mayne, Carrie, In (Reluctant) Defense of Enron: Why Bad Regulation Is to Blame For California's Power Woes, or Why Antitrust Law Fails To Protect Against Market Power When the Market Rules Encourage Its Use. Oregon Law Review, Vol. 83, p. 204, 2004. Available at SSRN:
    • Bush, Darren, Mission Creep: Antitrust Exemptions and Immunities as Applied to Deregulated Industries. Utah Law Review, p. 613, 2006; University of Houston Law Center No. 2007-A-01. Available at SSRN:
    • Connor, John M. and Bush, Darren, Deterring International Cartels in the Face of Comity and Jurisdiction: A Legal, Economic, and Empirical Evaluation of the Extraterritorial Application of U.S. Antitrust Laws (April 2, 2007). Available at SSRN: or
    • Connor, John M. and Bush, Darren, How to Block Cartel Formation and Price Fixing: Using Extraterritorial Application of the Antitrust Laws as a Deterrence Mechanism (March 29, 2008). Pennsylvania State University Law Review 122 (“Winter 2007”/ released March 2008): 813-855. Available at SSRN: or
    • Bush, Darren, Moving to the Left by Moving to the Right: A Law & Economics Defense of Same-Sex Marriage. Women's Rights Law Reporter, Vol. 22, p. 115, 2001. Available at SSRN:
    • Bush, Darren and Leonard, Gregory K. and Ross, Stephen F., A Framework for Policymakers to Analyze Proposed and Existing Antitrust Immunities and Exemptions (October 24, 2005). Available at SSRN: or
    • Glick, Mark and Bush, Darren and Hafen, Jonathan O., The Law & Economics of Post-Employment Covenants: A Unified Framework. George Mason Law Review, Vol. 11, p. 357, 2002. Available at SSRN:
    • Bush, Darren and Flynn, John J., The Misuse and Abuse of The Tunney Act in the Microsoft Cases: The Adverse Consequences of The "Microsoft Fallacies". Loyola University Chicago Law Journal, Vol. 34, p. 749, 2003. Available at SSRN:
  • Patents


    Not available

  • Funded Research

    • New faculty research program grant, $6,000 (2004)
    • Center for publick policy research grant (1992-1994)
  • Curriculum Vitae



  • Contact information

    126 Teaching Unit 2 Building
    Phone: 713-743-3346