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Dr. Chris Bronk, Assistant Professor

Department of Information and Logistics Technology, College of Technology


  • Areas of expertise

    • Cyber geopolitics
    • Organizational innovation
    • Knowledge management
    • Intelligence studies
  • Awards

    • Faculty award – shared with Wm. Arthur Conklin.
    • Benjamin Franklin Award - U.S. Department of State, Washington D.C.
    • Tenured as a Foreign Service Officer of the United States, January 2006.
    • Syracuse All-University Doctoral Prize, 2005.
    • De Sardon-Glass Research Assistance-ship from the Global Affairs Institute, Maxwell School of Citizenship, Spring 2000.
    • Information Management & Technology Interdisciplinary Fellowship, 2001-2002.
  • Publications

    • Chris Bronk and Gregory Anderson, “Encounter Battle: Engaging ISIS in Cyberspace,” Cyber Defense Review 2 (1) 2017.
    • Asal, Victor, Chris Bronk, Ken Cousins, Jacob Mauslein, Amanda Murdie, and Joe Young. Forthcoming. "Repression, Education and Politically Motivated Denial of Service Attacks." Journal of Global Security Studies. Forthcoming.
    • Theodore Book & Chris Bronk, “I see you, you see me: Mobile advertisements and privacy,” First Monday: Peer Reviewed Journal on the Internet 21 (3) 2016.
    • J. C. Dressler, C. Bronk, and D. S. Wallach. Exploiting military opsec through open-source vulnerabilities. In 2015 IEEE Military Communications Conference (MILCOM '15), Tampa, FL, Oct. 2015.
    • Rima. S. Tanash, Z. Chen, T. Thakur, C. Bronk, D. Subramanian, D. S. Wallach, “Known unknowns: An analysis of Twitter censorship in Turkey,” Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society, Denver, CO, Oct. 2015.
    • Ijeoma Onyeyi, Morgan Bazilian and Chris Bronk, “Cyber Security and the Critical Energy Infrastructure,” The Electricity Journal, 27:2, 2014.
    • Chris Bronk and Eneken Tikk, “The Cyber Attack on Saudi Aramco,” Survival Global Politics and Strategy, 55: 2, 2013.
    • Chris Bronk, “A Prime Directive: Placing Agendas for Cyberspace in Perspective,” paper presented at the 54th Conference of the International Studies Association, San Francisco, April 2013.
    • Chris Bronk, “From Tunis to Tunis: Considering the Planks of US International Cyber Policy 2005- 2011,” paper presented at the 53rd Conference of the International Studies Association, San Diego, April 2012.
    • Chris Bronk, “A Governance Switchboard: Scalability Issues in International Cyber Policymaking,” Cyber Dialogue 2012: What is Stewardship in Cyberspace? University of Toronto, March 2012.


  • Patents


    Not available

  • Funded Research

    • NSF SaTC-EDU:EAGER:A Wiki Space for Information Security Education Exchange, 2015-2017, $286,819.00, Co-PI with Wm. Arthur Conklin.
    • NSA 2015 CAE Cybersecurity Research Grant – BAA-003-15, 2015, $130,807 – Co-PI with Wm. Arthur Conklin and Deniz Gurkan.
    • DOE Cyber Resilient Energy Delivery Consortium subaward through Univ. Illinois, $918,400 total over 2015-2020, $256,032 in year 1, Co-PI with Wm. Arthur Conklin and Deniz Gurkan.
    • Clarkson Aerospace, Clarkson Aerospace, Cyber-Spectrum Research and Technology Development Virtual Environment, $144,022. 2015, PI.
    • International Association of Oil and Gas Producers, 2014, grant $17,500.
    • Clarkson Aerospace, 2013, $25,000, programmatic gift.
    • Clarkson Aerospace, 2012, $25,000, travel support gift for international cybersecurity policymaking.
    • Deloitte, 2012, $40,000, for research and conference proceedings on cybersecurity and the energy industry.
    • Kelly Day Foundation, 2011, $150,000, for research on the Internet and Middle East politics.
    • Enriching Rice through Information Technology, 2010, $24,985, Connecting the Dots: Non-State Actors, Security and Information Overload, with Ric Stoll and Devika Subramanian.


  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Contact information

    208 College of Technology Building
    Phone: 713-743-5593 | Fax: 713-743-4032