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Dr. Haleh Ardebili, Bill D. Cook Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Cullen College of Engineering


  • Areas of expertise

    • Lithium ion batteries
    • Materials for energy storage
    • Materials for electronics applications
  • Awards

    • NSF CAREER Award, “CAREER: Fundamental Science Underpinning Stretchable Lithium Ion Batteries” (2013–2018)
    • Texas Space Grant Consortium New Investigators Award (2014-2015)
    • Kittinger Teaching Excellence Award (2016)
    • TcSUH Award (2010-2018)
    • Cullen College of Engineering Outstanding Teacher Award (2013)
    • Finalist, “Science as Art” Exhibition and Contest at the MRS Conference (2011)
    • New Faculty Award (2010)
    • Invention Fulcrum of Progress-General Electric Award to Inventors (2003)
    • Women in Science Award from Saint John’s University, NY (1988)
  • Publications

    • Berg, S., Akturk, A. Kammoun, M., and Ardebili, H. “Flexible batteries under extreme bending: interfacial contact pressure and conductance”, Extreme Mechanics Letters, 13, 108-115, 2017.
    • Kammoun, M., Berg, S., and Ardebili, H., “Stretchable spiral thin-film battery capable of out-of-plane deformation”, Journal of Power Sources 332, 406-412, 2016.
    • Kelly, T., Moradi Ghadi, B., Berg, S., and Ardebili, H. “In situ study of strain-dependent ion conductivity of stretchable polyethylene oxide electrolyte”, Scientific Reports (Nature) 6: 20128, 2016.
    • Yayathi, S., Walker, W., Doughty, D., and Ardebili, H., “Energy distributions exhibited during thermal runaway of commercial lithium ion batteries used for human spaceflight applications”, Journal of Power Sources, 329, 197-206, 2016.
    • Li, Q., and Ardebili, H., “Flexible thin-film battery based on solid-like ionic liquid-polymer electrolyte”, of Power Sources 303,17–21, 2016.
    • Kammoun, M., Berg, S., and Ardebili, H., “Flexible thin-film battery based on graphene-oxide embedded in solid polymer electrolyte”, Nanoscale, 7, 17516-17522, 2015.
    • Walker, W., Yayathi, S., Alvarez-Hernandez, A., Shaw, J., Ardebili, H., “Thermo-electrochemical testing and simulation of lithium-ion batteries operating in radiation driven space environments”, Journal of Power Sources 298, 217-227,
    • Yuan, M., Erdman, J., Tang, C. and Ardebili, H., “High performance solid polymer electrolyte with graphene oxide nanosheets”, RSC Advances, 4, 59637, 2014.
    • Li, Q. and Ardebili, H., “Atomistic investigation of the nanoparticle size and shape effects on ionic conductivity of solid polymer electrolytes”, Solid State Ionics, 268, 156-161, 2014.
    • Li, Q., Wood, E. and Ardebili, H., “Elucidating the mechanisms of ion conductivity enhancement in polymer nanocomposite electrolytes for lithium ion batteries”, Applied Physics Letters, 102, 243903, 2013.


    More publications on CV below.

  • Patents

    • Ardebili, H., Dizon, T., Kammoun, M., “Stretchable and multifunctional batteries”, US Patent App. 14/671,812, 2015.
    • Baumgartner, C.E., Fobare, D.F., DeJule, M.C., Wei, C.Y., Hennessy, W.A., Wojnarowski, R.J., Ardebili, H., Burdick, Jr., W.E. “Direct CsI scintillator coating for improved digital X-ray detector assembly longevity”, Patent No. 6,720,561, April 13, 2004.
  • Funded Research

    • National Science Foundation- NSF CAREER: Fundamental Science Underpinning Stretchable Lithium Ion Batteries, $400,000, 2013-2018
    • Air Force Office of Scientific Research - $260,000 for research on aramid nanofiber-functionalized graphene electrode for structural energy storage.
    • Subsea Systems Institute - $300,000 for research on the fabrication, testing and analysis of batteries and supercapacitors for subsea applications.
    • New Investigator Award from NASA Texas Space Center Grant Consortium - $10,000 to to develop flexible, stretchable batteries for spacesuits.
  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Contact information

    N207 Engineering Building 1
    Phone: 713-743-4500