Tech Bridge announces EverZinc as the latest member UH Innovation Ecosystem

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The University of Houston’s Technology Bridge is proud to welcome EverZinc as its newest tenant.

EverZinc is a global zinc technology leader in specialty zinc materials, including Fine Zinc Powders, Zinc Oxides, Zinc Battery Materials and Zano®, an ultra-fine zinc oxide. With 14 production sites that provide services to 50+ countries across the globe, EverZinc aims to be the world’s most reliable partner in offering innovative and sustainable zinc solutions.

“The addition of Everzinc brings true excitement to the community,” said Darayle Canada, program director of startup development operations at UH Technology Bridge. “We are ecstatic to see the work they will accomplish in their mission to become the global leader in sustainable zinc solutions, and the inspiration and motivation that will be brought to our community members.”

Formed in 2022, EverZinc, through the combination of EverZinc and US Zinc, has a history that combines more than 250 years of operating experience with nearly 800 team members dedicated to the development of zinc-based solutions.  EverZinc uses thermal chemical processing to recycle zinc. These solutions support high value markets, such as personal care, alkaline, storage and rechargeable batteries, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles, agriculture, feed, paints and coatings, and rubber.

Headquartered in Houston, EverZinc is led by Joel Hawthorne, a University of Akron grad with more than 30 years of domestic and international experience in global manufacturing operations.

“We are excited about this opportunity to partner with the University of Houston Technology Bridge to begin this new chapter in our innovation history”, Hawthorne said. “The initiation of the EverZinc Innovation Center at the UH Technology Bridge signifies the commitment to innovation by EverZinc and is part of our mission to be the global leader in sustainable zinc solutions to enable, protect, energize the world through the possibilities of zinc.  Our innovation team, led by our chief technology officer Paul Williams, will be tasked with growing sustainable zinc-based chemistries for a wide variety of markets.”

EverZinc will onboard effective Nov. 1, and hopes to collaborate with UH faculty, alumni and students with similar research interests to aid in their work.