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Computer Labs

There are four computer labs available to UH students. The labs are located on the third floor of the Albert & Mamie George Building. The labs use updated hardware and have a general software package installed. Computer lab hardware and software specifications are listed in the IT Service Catalog under the Hardware & Software section.

Special software required for specific academic programs may be installed at the request of the program's instructor. Students wishing to request specific software packages can give their suggestions to the IT staff for consideration.

Open Computer Lab

The Open Computer Lab, AMG 303, is available for students during regular fall operational hours:

MON-THU 8:00 a.m. - 8:45 p.m.
FRI 8:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.
SAT 9:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.

Please call 832-842-2999 to inquire about hours during holidays or between semesters.

Instructional Computer Labs

The three instructional computer labs are designed as multipurpose classrooms for general classes, videoconferences and classes needing computing resources. The computer labs are available during those scheduled class hours.

  • Instructional Computer Labs - AMG 302 & AMG 306
  • Multimedia Lab - AMG 305

Computer Lab Rules

The following general rules apply to all UH at Sugar Land computer labs and computers unless otherwise noted. Please note that they do not cover every possible situation and that the IT staff has latitude in making a judgment that meets a situation that is not described below.

By using the computing resources, users acknowledge that the following rules have been read, are understood and agree to follow them.

  • Only University of Houston students, faculty and staff may use the computer labs and university computers. Visitors and guests may use the UH wireless network for their personal mobile devices.
  • Computer lab hardware, software, printing and internet access are to be used only for educational purposes or university business. Personal chat rooms, network game playing and viewing pornography are not permitted.
  • Users may not violate the privacy or security of other user’s work, files, passwords or any other item associated with the user’s computer account.
  • Users may not violate the copyright of any software, data, audio or video work.
  • Users may not bring food into the labs. Drinks with lids are allowed.
  • Users may not introduce computer viruses, malware or other destructive codes or programs into the UH computer network.
  • Users will maintain a quiet environment in the Open Computer Lab so that other users may work without distraction. Users may not use foul or abusive language or exhibit disruptive behavior in the lab. The Open Computer Lab may not be used for visiting or group meetings. Disruptive behavior or noise will not be tolerated. If group work and projects require a noisier environment than what is allowed in the Open Computer Lab, users need to exit the lab, so that they do not disturb others. If a user’s noise or behavior prevents another user from working, they should go to the IT Service Desk and notify the IT staff.
  • Modifying system files or settings on any computer in the labs is not permitted. Users are also not permitted to install programs or store files on the computers. Files should be saved to a USB memory device, CD, DVD or cloud storage service, such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  • Users should report any problems with the computer hardware, software or printers to the IT staff. They should not attempt to repair any equipment.
  • Children under the age of 17 who are not University of Houston students or in a UH sponsored program are not permitted in the labs. Instructors can make an exception if their class is scheduled in a computer lab. However, there are NO EXCEPTIONS for the Open Computer Lab.

An individual who violates these rules may be asked to leave the lab facilities or classroom. In addition, any individual who violates UH policies and procedures on computing resources may have their lab privileges revoked for a set period or indefinitely. Actions that are a violation of any UH or UH System policy will be reported to the appropriate university official for possible disciplinary action.

Some of these rules and conditions are matters of law and to violate them is a criminal offense. UH at Sugar Land will cooperate with federal and state agencies in the prosecution of such offenses. If you have any information concerning an infraction of the above conditions, contact the IT staff.

Please remember that while the IT staff is there to provide assistance to you, they are operational specialists and not specialists in the computer applications. Their responsibility is to operate, maintain and protect the security of the computer network. They may not be familiar with specific software programs or applications. If you need help with a software program and they are not able to assist you with it, contact the University Information Technology Help Desk at 713-743-1411.

Federal copyright laws protect most software available in the computer labs. Unauthorized copying of software is illegal. Lack of copy protection does not constitute permission to copy the software. All software on UH at Sugar Land computers is licensed for your use. However, its use may be subject to limitations.

Students wishing to request specific software packages are encouraged to give their suggestions to the IT staff.

The UH at Sugar Land IT team is not responsible for loss of information from computing misuse, malfunction of computing hardware, malfunction of computing software, loss of storage media or external contamination of data or programs. The UH at Sugar Land IT team makes every effort to ensure the integrity of the campuses' computer systems and information storage.