Virginia (Ginger) Lucas: Graduate College of Social Work - University of Houston
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Virginia (Ginger) Lucas, (she/her)


Clinical Associate Professor

Room: 414 Social Work Building
Phone: 713-743-8399

Current Curriculum Vitae

Personal Statement

Over the past two decades, I have been actively involved in the field of online education, and this experience has allowed me to witness firsthand the transformative power of online learning and its ability to break down barriers and enhance accessibility to education. By leveraging technology and innovative pedagogical approaches, I am committed to ensuring that aspiring social workers have equal opportunities to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to positively impact their communities.

Through virtual classrooms, we bring together students from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, fostering rich discussions and enhancing the overall educational experience. This global perspective not only enriches our students' understanding of social work but also equips them with cultural humility to understand and address the complex and interconnected challenges facing our world today.

I believe that by embracing the power of online learning, we can revolutionize education and empower future social workers to create positive change in their communities. I am honored to be a part of the University of Houston's commitment to expanding our global reach and providing an inclusive platform for aspiring social workers to thrive and make a difference in the world.


MSW, University of Texas in Austin, 1998
BS, Psychology, Texas A&M University, 1996

Licenses & Certifications

Licensed Master Social Worker

Areas of Specialization

  • Social Work Curriculum Development
  • Online Course and Program Development
  • Administration, Planning and Program Coordination
  • Community Education in issues related to Public Health including Teen Pregnancy, STD Prevention, HIV awareness, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Courses Taught

  • Advanced Social Policy Analysis
  • Social Work Practice Skills
  • Policy in the Social Environment
  • Social Work Assessment
  • Human Diversity and Development
  • Social Welfare Policies and Services
  • Foundations of the Social Work Profession
  • Social Work Practice with Groups in Clinical Settings