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Meet the Team 

The MHERT is a college level research and community engagement research center. The center is unique in that it is a partnership between academia and community. The directors of the center work together to identify funding opportunities that will foster research and practice that empowers low-income Latino communities to improve mental and physical health. Research projects, community programs and training opportunities that focus on awareness and intervention for improved health outcomes are encouraged.  

McClain Sampson
Director: McClain Sampson, Ph.D  Associate Professor, Graduate College of Social Work (GCSW). Dr. Sampson’s overarching research interest is maternal health promotion. Dr. Sampson’s current research focuses on the creation of a culturally relevant intervention for postpartum depression among low-income Latinas. She is currently the lead investigator for a study funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation that will explore the feasibility of implementing her home based intervention to prevent postpartum depression in six various sites across the country. The intervention was informed by her prior studies which explored feasibility of the intervention and cultural beliefs of treatment seeking. Dr. Sampson is also the Project Director of the HRSA Behavioral Health Workforce Education Training Grant. To this end, all of her work focuses on improving behavioral health services through intervention development and training. Dr. Sampson teaches Behavioral Health in Integrated Care Settings and Qualitative Research Methods at the GCSW. Research Assistants and Staff
Research Assistant & Staff
Louretta Nickerson GLOBE Program Manager
Wen Xu Doctoral Research Assistant
Chinyere Eigege Doctoral Student and Researcher
Yu "Jessia" Miao, PhD Research Consultant/Center Affiliate 
Rachel Fulkerson Grant Coordinator