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The Birth of an Idea

Assistant professor of engineering technology, developed an optical sensor to alert health care providers to patients at risk for bed sores.

Doing the Work

Associate professor of engineering technology, building a database of 3-D images to allow women to make more informed decisions about reconstructive breast surgery.

The Valley of Death

Associate professor of pharmacology, worked with doctoral student Craig Vollert to develop and commercialize a chemical treatment to make staining tissue samples more effective.

A Role For Students

Professor of civil and environmental engineering, developed a “smart” cement that can sense changes in the environment around it, potentially averting oil spills, collapsing bridges and other disasters.


Researchers from across campus are studying our changing climate, with an eye on the future

Emerging Research

College of Education professor among the first to research issues related to LGBT.

Advancing School-Based Mentoring

UH professor and students enhance the effects of mentoring with a systematic approach.

Making Addiction a Preventable Disease

University of Houston Department of Psychology established the Texas Research on Addiction Consortium (TRAC).

Eye Growth and Nearsightedness

The University of Houston’s Earl L. Smith III, O.D., Ph.D., is at the forefront of myopia research.


Thamar Solorio and her research team are developing technology for an app that can recommend books based on their readers feel through Stylistic Text Analysis.


Researchers at Bauer’s Institute for Health Care Marketing Look at How Decisions Affect Health Care.

President Message

A message from President Khator.

VP Message

A message from VP Krishnamoorti.

Q&A with Professor Frank McKeon

Cancer specialist Frank McKeon, M.D., Ph.D, offers insight into his pioneering research.

The Work Climate can Deter Moms from Breastfeeding

Researchers tackle the complex issue of accommodating new mothers in the workplace.

Voyage to Discovery

Professor William Sager and students recently sailed to the origins of Tamu Massif, the world's largest volcano.

Funny You Should Ask

Because serious questions deserve serious answers…

Take Nothing for Granted

Early career researcher finds success in grant development.

Solar Power, Student Power

UH students from computer engineering technology and industrial design programs built and equipped a mobile computer lab fashioned from a shipping container, powered by solar panels.

Restoring Power After Extreme Weather

In the UH Systems Optimization and Computing Laboratory, second-year Ph.D. student Saeedeh Abbasi is close to unveiling a solution that may revolutionize utility operations.

The Value of Inner-Urban Green Space

Andrew Parker, a UH architecture student, examines the influence of nature on childhood development.

Great American Poet’s Undiscovered Work

English literature Ph.D. candidate Zachary Turpin discovers an unknown work by Walt Whitman.

The Bird’s-Eye View

UH Assistant Professor of Philosophy Cameron Buckner helped design a study aimed at determining animal intelligence by looking at ravens.