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Undergraduate Research

  • Action Research in Communities

    Action Research in Communities

    Through Action Research in Communities, Honors students further develop existing service projects like tutoring with Bonner Leaders

  • FrameWorks


    Group photo from the FrameWorks 2020 Digital Symposium

  • Teaching Hurricane Harvey

    Teaching Hurricane Harvey

    "Teaching Hurricane Harvey" students contributed to the fall 2020 Houston History magazine

CITE grants promote co-curricular projects that develop research skills in undergraduates at all levels and in diverse disciplines. In addition to skill development, students benefit from valuable mentorship and gain knowledge in their fields of interest.
A grant to the Office of Undergraduate Research and Major Awards establishes this new undergraduate research program. The program will target students who would be strong candidates for national fellowship programs. It will provide funding for eight students to conduct service-based research under direction of faculty mentors. This program will be overseen by  Stuart Long (Associate Dean, Undergraduate Research and Honors College),  Brittni MacLeod (Associate Director, Undergraduate Research and Major Awards),  Ben Rayder (Director, Undergraduate Research and Major Awards), and  Trinity Rinear (Assistant Director, Bonner Leaders).
Led by Dr. Kristina Neumann and Dr. Leandra Zarnow, the Center for Public History Internship Program provides students with the opportunity to understand and apply public humanities research. Students will apply digital tools and data science to a variety of historical topics.
This grant for the Conference on Food Sustainability and Security supports semester-long research projects related to food sustainability and security, a case competition that will be presented and judged at the conference, stipends for students helping plan the conference, and awards for outstanding student presenters at the conference. The Conference and related student programming are being administered by Rita Sirrieh (Instructional Faculty, Assistant Director, Energy and Sustainability minor, and Director, Co-Curricular Honors), Marc Hanke (Instructional Faculty), Laura Lee (Student Success Coach and Director, PEEPS Pantry), and Gabriel Durham (Coordinator, UH Sustainability).
This grant provides funding to a new undergraduate research publication in the interdisciplinary humanities, directed by  Max Rayneard (Honors College). Students will be paired with faculty from the College of Liberal Arts and Social and the Honors College to research and write articles. The inaugural issue of Frameworks will be published in the fall of 2020. More information about  FrameWorks is available on the program's  website .
This grant to Stuart Long, Rikki Bettinger, and Ben Rayder ( Office of Undergraduate Research and Major Awards ) will provide a year-long introductory research experience for students in humanities majors by connecting a dozen students to undergraduate research opportunities tied to existing projects at the University of Houston. By connecting students to existing projects, REACH will reduce the barriers that humanities students often face when seeking to become involved in undergraduate research. 
This grant t Tomika W. Greer, Olivia D. Johnson, Barbara L. Stewart, and Melika Shirmohammadi will expose students to authentic research experiences. Faculty in Retailing and Consumer Sciences and Human Resource Development will expose students to research-focused experiences including research design, data collection, data analysis, data reporting, scholarly writing, and research presentation. The students will work in a collaborative cohort model that allows for additional developmental experiences to include technical seminars and career development workshops. These experiences prepare them to lead and plan projects in the retailing and human resources workforces. The program will target traditionally underserved students who would normally not have access to research opportunities .
This project led by  Alexey Golubev (History, CLASS) and  David Rainbow (Honors College) will develop co-curricular learning projects with Houston-area Russian and Eastern European cultural organizations. These projects will be integrated into undergraduate-level history courses on Russian and European history.
This grant project, overseen by  Monica Perales , provides support to three courses that examine the impact of Hurricane Harvey on Houston:
• HON 4397/HIST 3394 Voices from the Storm, taught by  Debbie Harwell ,
• HIST 3394 Writing and Editing for a History Magazine, taught by Debbie Harrell, and
• HIST 4394 Community Oral Histories of Hurricane Harvey, taught by  Todd Romero .
Grant funding will enable four undergraduate students enrolled in these courses to revise and expand their final course projects for publication in association with Resilient Houston: Documenting Hurricane Harvey, a major oral history initiative of the  UH  Center for Public History.
David Mazella led a Digital Humanities Initiative on the literary and cultural history of the year 1771, as it was experienced in 4 cities (London, Edinburgh, Philadelphia, and Kingston, Jamaica). A research team, including grad and undergrad students, constructed a dataset of the genres of this year, along with author/printer and location information in three of the chosen cities.