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Policies for Grant Recipients



All grant recipients are required to assess students participating in co-curricular activities funded by CITE in at least two of the CITE Student Learning Outcomes. Student performance on each relevant learning outcome will be reported according to the five-point scale described in the proposal.

Students participating in CITE-funded activities will need to respond to pre- and post-surveys that are sent by CITE.

Grant recipients may consult the CITE office in refining their assessment strategy. In some cases, the CITE office may require or recommend revisions to the assessment plan proposed. All assessment data must be provided to the CITE office within 30 days of the close of activities funded by the grant.

Assessment data may also, at the discretion of the CITE Office, be required at periodic intervals during the life of the grant. Any time line for interim assessment reporting for your grant will be determined by mutual written agreement. 


All university policies and procedures must be followed in expending these funds. The Provost’s Business Office will contact the College Business Administrator to arrange the fund transfer.

Any unexpended funds will be transferred back to the Office of the Provost no later than one month after the close of grant-funded activities unless arrangements are made with the CITE Office for a no-cost extension of the grant.

A brief (one-page) narrative detailing how funds were spent at close of the grant period is required. Additional information about grant expenditures may be required at the discretion of CITE Office or the Provost’s Business Office.

These funds should be allocated toward expenses in support of your project as specified in the budget you submitted in your grant proposal. 


Required Grant Materials 

CITE grant recipients must submit required materials before and after the program ends. Please view this page to learn more.  



All communications about student activities funded by this grant must indicate that the activity was supported through a grant from the Cougar Initiative to Engage.

Activities supported by the grant will be described on the CITE website. We would appreciate any photographs you or your students can provide of the co-curricular activity. Please follow the university’s photo release guidelines when collecting or taking photos of students.