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02.04.09 – Exit Interviews

Section: Human Resources

Area: Employee Relations

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The purpose of this document is to establish procedures for exit interviews in an effort to answer questions or concerns that may arise during the termination clearance procedure (MAPP 02.04.05); this exit interview process is also an effort to allow employees leaving the University with an opportunity to express their concerns for improvements and critical needs to Human Resources. The data received will be reviewed, documented and relayed to the college/division business administrators as statistical data only as the need arises.


Either before or upon termination, each regular benefits eligible staff employee who is terminating or retiring is responsible for settling all outstanding obligations and for securing the clearance indicated in MAPP 02.04.05 .

The Exit Interview process is an optional opportunity available to all terminating benefits eligible staff of the University of Houston. All exiting benefits eligible employees are encouraged to complete the Exit Interview questionnaire either on the Department of Human Resources' web site or in person in the Department of Human Resources by scheduling a meeting with a Human Resources Business Partner. Questions and requests from the employee will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


As soon as notice of intent to terminate has been received from an employee, the employee's College or Division Business Administrator (CDBA) is responsible for initiating an electronic Personnel Action Request (ePAR) Form and other terminating documents. Concurrently, the exiting employee should be notified of this exit interview process. The CDBA should encourage the employee to answer the questionnaire openly and honestly. The employee should also be informed that the answers to the exit interview questionnaire will not be utilized in determining their termination status.


MAPP 02.04.05 - Termination Clearance
SAM 02.A.25 - Termination Clearance Guidelines
Electronic Personnel Action Request (ePAR) Form


Issued: 08/19/2005
Last Reviewed/Revised: 08/16/2019
Responsible Office(s): Human Resources