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photo of check presentation
Kappa Psi members Jaekyu Lee, Jeffrey Ibarguen and, far right, Larry Nguyen present the check from the Mr. Pharmacy Pageant proceeds to the American Red Cross Texas Gulf Coast Division's Stacey Allen, Major Gifts director, and Carmen Arrata, Major Gifts officer.

Mr. Pharmacy Philanthropy

Kappa Psi Chapter Donates Nearly $1,000 to American Red Cross from Mr. Pharmacy Night Event Proceeds

The UH College of Pharmacy Delta Delta Chapter of the Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity recently donated nearly $1,000 to the American Red Cross Texas Gulf Coast Division from the proceeds of the student organization's 2016 Mr. Pharmacy Pageant event in April.

At the Mr. Pharmacy Pageant, students representing organizations and classes within the Pharm.D. program compete for the Mr. Pharmacy crown and 10 percent of the event proceeds to the winner's organization or class. With on-stage talents ranging from solo and duet singing, lip-syncing, contemporary and cultural dancing, and card tricks, this year's event was won by American Pharmacists Association-Academy of Student Pharmacists' representative James (K.J.) Holmes, who channeled Michael Jackson's moves to the classic "Billie Jean."

Kappa Psi's Mr. Pharmacy Pageant is one of the longest-running student-organized events at the college. The 2016 edition was organized by Pharm.D. students and Kappa Psi brothers Jeffrey Ibarguen, Jaekyu Lee and David Yu.

The American Red Cross is the national fraternity's preferred charitable organization, which the local chapters are encouraged to also support.

"It is only right, and optimal, that we contribute to maximum capability to their mission," Ibarguen said. "Aside from donating 90 percent of the proceeds from the Mr. Pharmacy Pageant to the American Red Cross, this spring we had the honor of hosting our first of many blood drives with the organization. Again, contributing to its vision is key to us as aspiring pharmacists and caring citizens."

Ibarguen said the event provides an opportunity for the college's students, faculty and staff to share a few laughs, see a different side of students and remember the importance of finding creative outlets to maintain work-life balance.

"Considering that school is time consuming and a stressor to some, this fundraiser basically serves as a social and showcase in the array of talents we all have as aspiring pharmacists," Ibarguen said. "To see our classmates come on stage, act out and feel the energy from the audience is priceless. Also, there is great gratitude in seeing fresh ideas for Mr. Pharmacy come into fruition every year. No matter what, one thing remains constant: The talent never ceases to amaze us."