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Vendor Setup and Update Guide

By invitation only, vendors of the University of Houston System must setup through PaymentWorks, a secure online vendor management portal that replaces the former paper-based forms. Materials below have been developed to assist our vendors in the use of the PaymentWorks system.  

  • For initial setup, vendors, reimbursees, and suppliers must setup through PaymentWorks.  This setup is by invitation only from a business staff member in the unit from which the vendor is being ordered or paid.
  • Vendors may update their business and payment information only through PaymentWorks using the PaymentWorks credentials (email and password) created at the time of initial setup.
  • Vendors that were originally setup through the paper-based forms and need to or have been asked to update their information must enter their full business and payment information through PaymentWorks for the initial connection. We do apologize for this necessary inconvenience. Subsequent updates will then simply require only the additional or modified information.
  • Vendors with PaymentWorks support needs should visit the PaymentWorks vendor support site

Guide for PaymentWorks Setup and Update

Initial Setup and Updating Information via PaymentWorks

Initial setup means these materials apply to any vendor not yet setup through PaymentWorks. Setups are by Invitation only.

Updating information means that vendors returning to update information must first log into PaymentWorks at