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About SEP

UH’s College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics implemented the Scholar Enrichment Program (SEP) in 1992 for the academic enhancement and retention of undergraduate students. Based on the Collaborative Learning Model, SEP’s hallmark is the creation of a learning community for students in high-risk classes, with workshops designed to enhance learning and problem-solving skills.

SEP has produced higher retention rates and fewer withdrawals or failures, and its students consistently earn higher grades as a group than do non-SEP students. Also, participants in SEP workshops tend to graduate in significantly higher percentages.

Students in SEP have many opportunities in addition to the academic support received through the workshop courses. With its own designated space on campus, SEP provides students with a place to study. The program’s informal mentoring program creates a community within UH where students can come together and build a strong network of support for each other.

Who Can Join SEP?

The Scholar Enrichment Program is open to all students at UH, regardless of major. While most students in SEP are majors in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Cullen College of Engineering, or College of Technology, the program offers assistance to any student enrolled in STEM (science, technology, engineering or mathematics) courses.

Why Join SEP?

SEP provides "top-tier" support for students at the University of Houston. Those students majoring in the STEM disciplines may qualify for financial assistance through National Science Foundation-sponsored stipends. There are no extra costs involved in joining SEP, and there is no formal application process.

What Does SEP Offer?

  • Scholarships/Stipend
  • Study Center
  • Enrichment Workshops
  • Mentor Program
  • Test Prep and Study Skills Seminars
  • Computer Facilities
  • Special Opportunities