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Advancing Environmental Justice Research and Student Engagement in Energy

Baker Hughes Foundation Supports UH Energy Transition Institute with Grant

By Rashda Khan 713-743-7587

HOUSTON, Aug. 7, 2023 – The Baker Hughes Foundation announced a $100,000 grant to the University of Houston Energy Transition Institute (ETI) to support environmental justice research and workforce development programs.

The institute, which focuses on the creation and use of reliable, affordable, environmentally responsible energy for all through a just and equity-driven pathway, is looking forward to using the grant to amplify its mission.

“Thanks to the generous support of the Baker Hughes Foundation, the UH Energy Transition Institute will be able to expand its cutting-edge work on the social and community impacts of energy projects and new clean technologies, and address critical workforce development needs,” said Joe Powell, founding executive director of the UH Energy Transition Institute.  “We are grateful for the opportunity to further empower students at UH, collaborate with industry and drive towards a sustainable and just energy transition, with development of metrics to show the way!”

Understanding the holistic impact of energy transition solutions remains an active area of national and international research and is key to a successful and equitable energy transition. The grant will help the University address the effects in communities and geographical areas that bear a larger than average burden of energy and environmental impacts. ETI will develop a framework to analyze the environmental footprint of energy generation and energy use processes, focused on understanding emissions, carbon capture and sequestration, and environmental and human health impacts.

The grant will also support ETI’s existing Energy Scholars Program, which provides undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in year-long innovative research programs focused on carbon management, hydrogen and circular plastics – the three core pillars of the institute.

“We are proud to support the University of Houston in its environmental justice research and workforce development programs. At Baker Hughes, we strive to take energy forward, and are committed to a fair and just energy transition,” said Chief Sustainability Officer Allyson Book. “Novel educational approaches centered around social, climate and environmental justice are crucial to creating a sustainable future for generations to come.”

This grant brings together the Baker Hughes Foundation, UH and the UH Energy Transition Institute to work on the common objective of supporting the communities they call neighbors, building the workforce of the future and shepherding a successful energy transition for all.

“We look forward to working with the Baker Hughes Foundation to address grand challenges in energy and chemicals and create a sustainable and equitable future for all,” said Ramanan Krishnamoorti, vice president of energy and innovation at UH. “The University of Houston aims to transform lives and communities through education, research, innovation and service in a real-world setting. I am confident that working together we will make a greater impact.”

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