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Fee Schedules

UH Faculty/Staff Research Non-UH Affiliated Organization
 MEC Incurred Cost  $50.00 - $100.00/job  $100.00/job
 Consultation  No Charge  $100.00/hour
 Electronic Gradebook  No Charge  N/A
Scannable Forms
 Design  $150.00/page  $200.00/page
 Resolution  $25.00/page  $50.00/page
 Composition*  $300.00/job  $300.00/job
 Perforation  $75.00/perforation  $75.00/perforation
 Litho Setup**  $160.50/job  $160.50/job
 Alteration (in-house)  $20.00/page  $40.00/page
 Alteration (Pearson/Scantron)*

 $102 per hour per minor text per side  

 $102 per hour per bubble change per side

 Printing*  (varies according to vendor pricing)
 Scanning Setup Fee  $35.00/job  $35.00/job
 Scanning Only  $0.25/sheet  $0.35/sheet
 Programming  $30.00/hour  $50.00/hour
 Scoring/Reporting  $25.00/hour  $75.00/hour
 File Conversion  $25.00/hour  $75.00/hour
Evaluation Services
 Data Analysis  $25.00/hour  $50.00/hour
 Programming/Analysis  $75.00/hour  $100.00/hour
 Technical Report  $50.00/hour  $75.00/hour
 Answer Sheets:
 General Purpose Form - Blue
 (Form 4521)

 $55.00/500 sheets; $0.15/sheet (as of September 1, 2021)

 Answer Sheets:
 General Purpose Form - Green
 (Form 4887)
 $55.00/500 sheets; $0.15/sheet
 Answer Sheets:
 General Purpose Form - Purple
 $60.00/500 sheets; $0.15/sheet
  Survey form:
 (From 82739)
 $55.00/500 sheets; $0.15/sheet
* Prices are quoted from the vendor and are subject to change.
** Prices are based on vendor/quantity and are subject to change.