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How Do I . . . ?

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This section contains some general information and a series of "How-To's" for common CMS tasks.

How To's v.8 | General Information | Version 8.23 update | Version 7 to 8 Transition | How To's v.7

Cascade CMS - version 8

General Information

Cascade Version 8.23 Update

Cascade was updated from version 8.151 to version 8.23 on Nday Month 00, 2023, bringing in some new features and changing a few things. See a review of what's new and what's changed.

Cascade Server to Cascade CMS Transition

Cascade was updated from version 7.14 to version 8.3 on Friday March 24, 2017, with significant interface changes. Long-time users may benefit from comparing version 7 references.

Cascade Server - version 7 specific

The University of Houston's Cascade Server application was updated from version 7 ("Cascade Server") to version 8 ("Cascade CMS") on Friday March 24, 2017.