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Cellular Devices

See MAPP Policy 05.04.07 to review User Guidelines regarding "Responsibilities for use of Telecommunication Resources."

UH Discounts from Cellular Wireless Vendors

Which cellular wireless vendors currently offer UH employees special rates/discounts?

Under the State of Texas Employees Discount program the following vendors offer discounts.

Vendor Individual Lines
AT&T 15%
Sprint/Nextel 23%
T-Mobile 17%
Verizon 25%

Rates/discounts are subject to change under the State of Texas Employees Discount program.

Do cellular wireless vendors have websites set up specifically for UH employees to receive discounts?

Yes. Here are the links.

How do I determine which cellular vendor or monthly plan to choose?

The device and plan you select will be based upon several factors. Vendors offer different structured deals; identify which is important to you. Consider both business and personal use, calling patterns, device feature preferences and promotions running at the time of purchases. It is highly recommended you comparative shop and examine multiple vendor offerings and products by visiting the vendor websites and store outlets before making a final choice.

What if my vendor/product/plan choices don't work out for me?

Vendor return/refund policies will differ. It is advisable to verify return/refund policy prior to purchases. Do ask for vendor trial periods and get stipulations in writing. If you are dissatisfied with your choice(s), be sure to contact vendor to exercise return/refund within the allotted time.

Are UH employee discounts available if purchases are made directly with the vendor for purchase of equipment and service plan?

Yes. To ensure you receive eligible discounts, be prepared to verify your status as a UH employee. The Cougar 1Card and/or pay stub for UH Employees are typical vendor-acceptable verifications. Note: Vendors may also do a credit check.

How do I verify cellular wireless vendor products, offerings and rate plans?

Visit vendor websites and/or visit vendor store outlets. If eligible, request a discount when placing your order.