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Upgrade Wi-Fi Network (Moody Towers)

Overall Project Status: COMPLETE

Project Goals & Objectives

  • Improve WiFi coverage and capacity by moving from a hallway WiFi design to an in-suite design in all bedrooms.
  • Meet or exceed our SLA of minimum 5Mbps in all areas in the building
  • Upgrade access layer network (access switches in IDFs and WAPs) to meet current network standards (Gigabit switches and 802.11ac) in Moody Towers South and North.

Scope of Work

  • Moody Towers (South and North):
    • Cabling and installation of 193 AP822s, in every other room. Current APs in the building are model AP320s and AP311s; future will be AP822s (802.11ac capable).
    • Replacement of all 10/100 switches with 1Gb switches with 10Gb uplink capability. A total of 27 switches will be installed.
    • Installation of one 4500X in BDF with 10Gb uplink to the core.
    • Move BDF from the basement to room 110 

Major Milestones

 Milestone Target Completion Date Comments/Deliverables
1 Project kickoff 9/21/2015 Meeting was on 9/21. Meeting minutes posted in project web site.
2 Initiation phase completed. Project Charter Approved 10/23/2015 Signed project charter.
3 Planning phase completed. 10/23/2015 Vendor walk-throughs. Request equipment quotes. Pre-test in random rooms. Project plan/schedule approved.
4 Design phase completed. Wi-Fi/Wired Design Completed 10/23/2015 Actual Ekahau maps and other network design files (floor plans) as needed.
5 Cabling activities start 10/26/2015 Vendor will start activities in hallways. Schedules shared with Don. SHRL will send out communications to students.
5 Procurement Completed 11/20/2015 Ordering, purchasing, and equipment received
6 Access switches – configuration and installation completed 12/11/2015 Analysts will configure switches upon arrival and UH technicians will install them in IDFs in prep for January cutover
8 Start cabling installation in rooms 12/17/2015 Vendor installations in rooms. Rooms available on 12/17/15
8 Finalize installation/deployment 1/10/2015 Students move-in on 1/15/16
9 Post-testing / QA 1/13/2015 Students move-in on 1/15/16
10 Project Completed 1/31/2016 LLR, finalize project documentation
Date Building Floors   Building Floors
Tue 11/17 MT South 1,2   MT North  
Wed 11/18 MT South 1,2   MT North 3,4
Thu 11/19 MT South 1,2   MT North 3,4
Fri 11/20 MT South 4,7   MT North 3,4
Sat 11/21 MT South 4,7   MT North 5,6
Sun 11/22 No activities
Mon 11/23 MT South 4,7   MT North 5,6
Tue 11/24 MT South 8,9   MT North 5,6
Wed 11/25 MT South 8,9   MT North 7,8
Thu 11/26 Thanksgiving Holiday. No activities
Fri 11/27 MT South 8,9   MT North 7,8
Sat 11/28 MT South 10,11   MT North 7,8
Sun 11/29 No activities
Mon 11/30 MT South 10,11   MT North 11,12
Tue 12/1 MT South 10,11   MT North 11,12
Wed 12/2 MT South 14,15   MT North 11,12
Thu 12/3 MT South 14,15   MT North 16
Fri 12/4 MT South 14,15   MT North 16
Sat 12/5       MT North 16
Sun 12/6 No Activities
Mon 12/7 – 12/17 No room access. Quiet time due to finals. 12/17 starts Winter break.