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CougarNet Project

About the Project

Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory is an enterprise operating system that builds on the traditional strengths of Windows NT and incorporates the best features of Windows 9x. When Windows 2000 Active Directory is deployed with planning and deliberation, its feature set makes it possible to reduce costs associated with Windows desktop and server management and improve Windows system reliability. Key features of Windows 2000 Active Directory that make it attractive for organization-wide use at the University of Houston include integrated directory services, distributed secure authentication and authorization services, increased security, desktop management tools and increased stability.

Windows 2000 Active Directory requires enterprise wide planning, coordination and teamwork to fully implement in the UH computing environment. With an eye towards building partnerships with other UH campus groups, UIT is spearheading the infrastructure planning and deployment of this new Windows environment.

Team Scope

The CougarNet Project Team will develop the strategy for the optimal deployment of Windows 2000 Active Directory at the University of Houston.

Team Mission

The CougarNet Project Team will:

  1. Review the existing IT environment including the network infrastructure; file, print, web servers; server applications; the directory services architecture; University policies and procedures; and security.
  2. Identify UIT goals regarding: the network infrastructure; directory services; security; server and server applications; desktop and desktop applications; communication services; deployment; training and helpdesk services.
  3. Evaluate Windows 2000 Active Directory features in respect to the existing environment and UIT goals.
  4. Develop a prioritized list of deployment objectives and identify critical areas after soliciting input from the University community.
  5. Identify internal and external resources available for deployment.
  6. Determine appropriate plan and timeframe for evaluation, testing, support training, pilot, user training, deployment, production support and project review.