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Summer 2019

E-Team Name Associated Academic Class Team Composition Concept/Technology Description Links to Work Product WCE Program RED LABS 3 Day Startup
I-Corps Activities
CookLab RED Labs team  Algorithm to make recipes healthy Link X
Mismo Minds RED Labs team  Filmmaker productivity platform Link X
Cali RED Labs team  Balance calibrating headband Link X
Pcat CopyCat RED Labs team  Test prep platform Link X
Get-a-Grip RED Labs team  Grip assistance device Link X
Sports Betz RED Labs team  Sports betting app Link X
INSU RED Labs team  Insulin storage  Link X
Everest RED Labs team  Phishing software Link X
CIND RED Labs team  Dating app  Link X
PODS Pre-RED workshop Recycling tech  Link
Ocean Vee Pre-RED workshop Technical fabrics Link
Olympus Investing Pre-RED workshop Investing app Link
Movie Knight  Pre-RED workshop Streaming service Link
My Data Concierge Pre-RED workshop Data storage platform Link
Eazyness Card Pre-RED workshop Business card platform Link
Mixing Equipment Pre-RED workshop Lab mixing equipment Link
Pax Wolf Games Pre-RED workshop Video game personality test Link
Thermala DOE IP team Burner management system Link X
Cybergy DOE IP team Cyber attack defense Link X
Fuelix DOE IP team Fuel cell tech Link X
Innovasor X-Inject DOE IP team Well design and laser tech Link X
Fuelium DOE IP team Radiation tech  Link X


Note: E-Team composition varies depending on the relative maturity of the idea or technology, whether or not the E-Team includes faculty and/or students and which UH I-Corps Site element initiates the team.

Traditional I-Corps - E-Teams  formed as traditional, three person teams (i.e. faculty inventor, entrepreneurial lead, mentor) in preparartion for entering the regional or national I-Corps program

WCE Team - E-Teams formed by 4-5  undergraduate WCE entrepreneurship students, a faculty inventor, an entrepreneurial lead (usually a graduate student) and a business mentor as part of the WCE year long academic program

Nascent Student Only Team - Student-only E-Team (1-5 students) initially formed within an academic LLC class that may go to form the basis of a traditional I-Corps E-Team