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Teachers Retirement System

Participation in the Teacher Retirement System is open to all benefits-eligible employees of the university. Rights to benefits are vested upon completion of 5 years of creditable service. Currently employees contribute 8.0% of their gross salary monthly and the state contributes 7.75% of the employee's gross salary to a state account to pay retirement benefits. Employees earn interest at a rate of 2% annually on their account balance.

Regular retirement is available at age 65 with a minimum of 5 years of participation in TRS, age 60 with a minimum of 20 years participation in TRS or age 50 with a minimum of 30 years participation in TRS. "Early retirement" with reduced benefits, is available at age 55 with a minimum of 5 years participation in TRS.

"Regular retirement" benefits under the standard annuity option are calculated as follows:

  • Total Percent = Total Years of Service Credit x 2.3%
  • Annual Annuity = Total Percent x Average Salary (Average of five highest years)

Employees who terminate employment prior to retirement may receive a refund of their contributions plus interest earned by completing a refund application in the Benefits Section of the Human Resources Department.

Other benefits included in the TRS program for the active member is life insurance equal to twice an employee's salary to a maximum of $80,000 and disability income benefits. TRS has provisions for the purchase of additional service credit for time served in the military, employment in public education in another state, and the purchase of withdrawn TRS accounts.

Further information on the TRS program is available on the TRS website, and HR holds regular Retirement training classes that can be found on the HR Training Calendar. You may also call 713-743-3988 and ask to discuss your retirement with a Benefits representative.