Dr. Todd Romero Selected as Faculty in Residence at The Quad

Dr. Todd Romero is a History professor who researches and teaches early American and, increasingly, food and public history. He also serves as the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.  He has been at UH for fifteen years.

Dr. Romero is a child of the intermountain west who was born in New Mexico and grew up primarily in Colorado. He never quite realized the beauty of the region until he moved away and returned. He earned his B.A. in History at the University of Colorado and M.A. in American Studies and Ph.D. in History at Boston College.

Dr. Romero will live in the new Quad with his wife Sarah Wolff-Romero and two sons, Alec (11) and Elias (8). Ms. Wolff-Romero is a Librarian and English Teacher at a nearby high school, and their sons attend  East End schools and love the prospect of living on campus. Alec is excited about all things UH sports, while his brother Elias is eager to embrace the arts on campus. They are a family of many hobbies. Dr. Romero is an avid cook and bread baker, Ms. Wolff-Romero is a quilter who enjoys a wide range of crafts, and the boys love camping, playing games, music, art, and exploring Houston. Together they look forward to meeting and sharing their interests with residents in the new Quad.