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Honors and The UH Brand

The Honors College Office of Communication is charged with upholding the brand guidelines as set forth by the University of Houston.

The Office of Communication is here to create materials for you. Upload your request to the Toolkit:

Should you need to create your own materials, please reference this list of things to remember.

Branding Quick Reference

  • Graphics and Social Media


    Applicable graphics include: posters, flyers, booklets, promotional materials, PowerPoint presentations, digital ads, websites, etc. 

    Log into the UH Download Zone for Logos, Icons, Photos, Fonts, and Templates.

    • Logos – All Honors materials should have an Honors or University of Houston logo featured prominently. More on Logos in the UH Brand Guidelines.
    • Fonts – UH has four standard fonts, with variations within each. More on Fonts in the UH Brand Guidelines:
      • League Gothic, Milo, Crimson
      • Alex Brush (used sparingly)
    • Colors – UH Brand has a color palette that should be used in all materials. More on Colors in the UH Brand Guidelines.


    Brand Approval

    • Brand Approval is critical for graphics on items that will be paid for through the Honors College financial department.
    • Please give UH Branding 1-2 business days to approve your graphic. They may require edits if the item is not to brand standard.


    Social Media

    • Graphics for social media platforms must follow the above graphics standards. The Office of Communication can produce on-brand banners and thumbnails images/logos for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter use.
    • When using graphic design platforms such as Canva, you can upload fonts and colors to the program.
    • We can post your graphics to Honors College social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Send your graphics to the Honors Toolkit.
    • Social media posts and graphics posts should be approved by UH Branding.


  • Photography and Video


    • Custom photography for events (on-campus/off-campus), etc. and headshots are available through the Office of Communication. Use the Toolkit to make a request (with at least 2 weeks’ notice)
    • There are free photo sites such as, and
    • Honors College stock photographs are available to use, ask for specifics



    • This handout details the recommended guidelines when creating videos
    • Videos must be branded with the UH/Honors College logo, colors, and fonts
    • The Office of Communication can produce on-brand banners, images, and thumbnails for your videos
    • Videos must acquire Brand Approval. Send your video to They may require edits if the video is not to brand standard.
  • Writing and Editing Content

    AP Style

    Materials produced for or on behalf of the Honors College should be written in AP Style.

    Basic AP Style Rules

    • Punctuate a.m./p.m. and do not put :00 in digits when noting time. Ex: 1 p.m., 3:30 a.m. 
    • Lowercase a department name unless it contains a proper noun or part of a formal name. 
    • Lowercase degrees in text; punctuate if abbreviated. Ex: Sam Liu has a bachelor's degree in English; Sam Liu, B.A. 
    • Capitalize a title only when preceding a name. Ex: Dean Monroe; William Monroe, dean of the Honors College 
    • Put quotes around titles of books, songs, TV shows, computer games, poems, lectures, speeches and works of art, and capitalize principal words of 4+ letters.

    Here's a more detailed handout for your reference.

    We’re happy to review your web content for AP style. Send the URL to the Honors Toolkit.

Questions? Need Assistance?

The Office of Communication is here to help if you have any questions or need content creation. We are also able to offer input on or review content that you’d like to submit to Branding. 

Upload a project reqeust to the Honors Toolkit, or contact Martha Hayes, Communications Director.