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Welcome New Faculty!

We are excited about your transition to the University, and the City of Houston.  The first step in your journey is participating in New Faculty Orientation (NFO). Take the time to complete the New Faculty Orientation Survey.  Review the Faculty Resource Guide for information about resources for faculty, and students.  Learn more about the 4th largest city in the UH Visitor’s Guide.
1. Complete the New Faculty Orientation (NFO) Survey.
New Faculty Orientation (NFO) Survey

2. Review information and resources available for faculty and students.
List of Resources available to faculty and students

3. Learn about the City of Houston in our Visitor’s Guide.
New Faculty UH Campus and City of Houston Guide

We look forward to seeing you at a FED event this Fall.


Managing Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom

Learn about the different types of disruptive classroom behaviors and tips to address student actions. Understand that disruptive classroom behaviors can come from individuals internal and external to the university and your class (externally, a person making a TikTok video or internally, a student suffering from a mental health issue). Identify steps faculty can take when they encounter concerning behaviors in the classroom.

Managing Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom presentation