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PEEPS Pantry is pleased to announce that we have merged with Cougar Cupboard and will be better equipped to help students who may be experiencing financial hardship. We know students can struggle when they’re worried about their next meal or bill. That’s why we are here to help. Using both Cougar Cupboard and Cougar Cupboard 2 can help offset your monthly expenses by $200 or more! The pantry, housed in the College of Education, is open to all currently enrolled UH students in any college and is supported by donations, volunteers and assistance from Cougar Cupboard. Students are welcome to use both! There is no “sign up” required to use Cougar Cupboard 2 but please make an appointment via Navigate. (Students will need to sign up to use Cougar Cupboard; please visit their website for details.)

Stephanie Martinez

Visit Cougar Cupboard 2

Cougar Cupboard 2 is run by students and if the student on duty calls in sick, that will necessitate a cancellation. We look forward to serving you and hopefully there will be minimal disruption during the semester.

Cougar Cupboard 2 appointments are currently open with limited hours. Appointments will be open for two weeks at a time. Students are limited to one appointment per week. Thank you for your patience as we work to restructure for increased demand.

Instructions to make a Cougar Cupboard 2 appointment via Navigate

  • Log into AccessUH (or access Navigate with your Navigate phone app).
  • Select Navigate.
  • Select appointments.
  • Schedule a new appointment.
  • Choose support services for your appointment reason.
  • Select Cougar Cupboard 2 as the office for your appointment.
  • Select “Cougar Cupboard 2: Food Insecurity” as your type of service.
  • Continue through location and staff, as there is only one option for this section of the scheduling system.
  • Select an available time that works for you.
  • Arrive ON TIME for your Cougar Cupboard 2 appointment.
  • If you have any special dietary restrictions or need toiletries (when available) please indicate that in the “comments” section when you make an appointment.*

Please pay attention to and adhere to the additional instructions on the appointment confirmation page. This is for the safety of you and all other people on campus. GO COOGS!

*If you have special dietary restrictions, please note them in the comments sections when you schedule your appointment. Example: vegetarian only, halal meat only (when available). Also, we have limited supplies of toiletries. If you need shampoo/soap/toothpaste, etc., please note that in your comments and if we have the supply it will be included as well.

People holding $2,500 check for PEEPS Pantry

Donor Spotlight

Thank you to TCEDU for donating $2,500 to Cougar Cupboard 2 (formerly PEEPS Pantry)! The generous gift helps ensure that UH students in need have access to free food, toiletries and supplies.

Email Laura Lee at with questions about monetary donations.

Peeps volunteer student


Are you interested in helping? Cougar Cupboard 2 is run by volunteers. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • assisting with food drives
  • organizing items
  • staffing the pantry
  • administrative responsibilities and more.

Email Cougar Cupboard 2 director Laura Lee at for more information.

Laura Lee

ABOUT Cougar Cupboard 2

PEEPS Pantry opened in response to a great need — roughly 48% of college students nationwide identify as food insecure, uncertain how they will afford their next meal. Laura Lee, the student success coordinator at the UH College of Education, launched the pantry as part of the College’s multipronged PEEPS program. PEEPS stands for Personal Early Educational Support, and the overall program is designed to assist students with their academics as well as their social and emotional well-being. The pantry is now open to all UH students facing food insecurity.

PEEPS Pantry is happy to merge with Cougar Cupboard to offer students additional options for increased food access across campus!

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PEEPS Director
Laura Lee
UH College of Education
Phone: 713-743-5043

Visiting Cougar Cupboard 2
Farish Hall, Room 128
3657 Cullen Blvd.
Houston, TX 77204-5023

Dropping off Donations
Farish Hall, Room 160
3657 Cullen Blvd.
Houston, TX 77204-5023

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