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Master of Education (M. Ed.) Curriculum & Instruction - Teaching

Is this program for me?

The Master’s program in Curriculum & Instruction - Teaching is designed for students concerned with the design, development, implementation, and operation of instructional programs and is focused on developing their skills as an instructional specialist.

The coursework may include:

  • Models of teaching
  • Affective instruction
  • Adult learning
  • Classroom management
  • Curriculum theory
  • Curriculum and instructional evaluation
  • Teacher as researcher course

The program includes 3 - 6 hours of supervised classroom internship and may involve a research and/or teaching assistantship.

It will typically take 2 to 3 years to complete the degree if students are enrolled full-time (9 hours per semester).

What will I learn?

The Master’s Program in Curriculum & Instruction - Teaching is designed to meet the needs of teachers who seek to improve the following:

  • Design, implementation, and operation of instructional programs
  • Overall instructional effectiveness of classroom teaching

The program emphasizes the following educational foundations:

  • Social historical, philosophical theory
  • Human growth and learning  
  • Inquiry.

It develops professional, interpersonal, and intrapersonal skills through:

  • Teacher Education Program Area Coursework
  • Specialized Electives
  • Supervised Classroom Internship;
  • Comprehensive Exam or Master’s Thesis

Since degree plans change periodically, students will follow the degree plan that is in place at the time in which they complete an official, approved degree plan.  For the most current sample degree plan, please contact Program Lead Jerome Freiberg.

What can I do with my degree?

Graduates with a M.Ed. in Teaching may pursue the following careers:

  • Community College Instructors
  • Curriculum Specialists
  • Early Childhood-6th grade General Classroom Teacher
  • Fourth-12th grade Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies Classroom Teacher

To apply for this program, please visit Graduate Admissions.