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Master of Education (M.Ed.) Curriculum & Instruction - Art Education

Is this program for me?

The Masters Program in Curriculum & Instruction - Art Education produces graduates who excel at art instruction as well as understand the criticism, technology and curriculum that shape the field.  However, many students serve in the wider community, in museums or other community arts organizations.

Completion time is typically under 2 years and as quickly as 14 months (9 hours per semester).

What will I learn?

Students in this program will develop their ability to make professional contributions as leaders and educators in art education. Coursework includes the following areas:

  • Philosophy, history, aesthetics, criticism, and technology in relation to art education
  • Visual culture and critical studies in humanities education
  • Museum studies
  • Curriculum theory, development, assessment and evaluation
  • Policy analysis
  • Effective approaches for art classroom management

The Curriculum & Instruction - Art Education program requirements include:

  • Core coursework
  • Specialized Electives
  • Comprehensive Exam or Master’s Thesis

Since degree plans change periodically, students will follow the degree plan that is in place at the time in which they complete an official, approved degree plan.  For the most current sample degree plan, please contact Specialization Lead Dr. Sheng Kuan Chung.

What can I do with my degree?

An M. Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction - Art Education prepares professionals to work in various roles such as school district educators, art directors and directors of community art organizations. 

Graduates of the M.Ed. in Art Education may pursue the following careers:

  • Early Childhood – 12th Grade Art Educator 
  • Director of Education for Art Museums 
  • Director of Community Arts Organizations

To apply for this program, please visit Graduate Admissions.