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Volunteer as a Math or Science Tutor


The ACES Institute is seeking UH students to serve as math or science tutors in local Third Ward elementary, middle, and high schools. If you’re interested in joining Cougar Tutors, please contact ACES Institute program director Sarah Fard at today!

About Cougar Tutors

The mission of Cougar Tutors is to provide support and resources for students to increase their proficiency and confidence in math and science. Cougar Tutors aims to remove the discouragement many young learners face in these subjects and to improve their skillsets so they will be prepared for advanced courses in middle and high school.

Cougar Tutors is supported and housed in the ACES Institute at UH and is a partnership between students on campus, institute staff and Promoting Education Across the Country.

PEAC is an organization run by and for students. Its mission is to extend services to historically under-resourced and under-achieving schools, establishing a strong educational foundation for young students that will support and guide them throughout their educational careers.

UH Cougar Tutors is the first UH group to create a chapter with PEAC. They began their efforts by providing math tutoring for fifth-graders at MacGregor and Lockhart elementary schools in the Houston Independent School District.

After partnering with the ACES Institute in fall 2017, Cougar Tutors will expand their efforts by providing math and science tutoring at the ACES partner schools in Third Ward. The new Cougar Tutors initiative strives to make a long-lasting impact in the Third Ward community through service learning that helps young learners excel in math and science.