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Faculty Grants and Proposals

The ACES Institute is awarding course development faculty grants for spring and summer 2019 to promote the development of academically based service learning courses that integrate research, teaching, learning and service. We accept proposals from faculty in all colleges for both undergraduate and graduate service learning course development. These grants are intended to support our talented faculty to develop new courses or adapt existing courses that combine research with school and service projects in the community. At ACES, we have identified three core criteria for defining and designating academic-based service learning courses. These courses should: 

  • Involve collaboration with one or more community partners to investigate a problem or address an unmet need in the community
  • Incorporate real-world learning experiences (typically outside the classroom) that reinforce and support learning and/or research objectives of the course
  • Provide structured opportunities for reflecting on the relationship between classroom learning and the real-world experiences, with the goal of deepening the understanding of course content and exploring questions of: personal development, diversity, social responsibility, civic engagement etc.

Grants will be awarded for up to $5,000 per course. These funds can be used to provide course support, faculty support, professional development, research or materials to make your course successful and effective.

Funded by the Office of the Provost, these grants can facilitate faculty in developing new and substantially restructured undergraduate and graduate level courses to help students obtain uniquely different learning outcomes such as:

Student Learning Outcome 1: Students will be able to use appropriate problem-solving strategies to solve real-world issues.

Student Learning Outcome 2: Students will be able to communicate effectively and appropriately with stakeholders.

Student Learning Outcome 3: Students will develop and apply intra- and interpersonal knowledge and skills that enhance their ability to successfully navigate professional situations.

If you are interested in applying for an award to be distributed for spring 2019 and summer 2019 courses, please download the pre-proposal application here. Applicants may email completed pre-proposals to

 The rubric used by our review committee is available below.

Faculty Resources

Proposal Submission Deadline:  Proposals may be submitted at any time and are reviewed on a rolling basis. Applicants will be contacted upon submission and throughout the review process should the review committee have questions or suggestions for modifications in order to be considered for an award.