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Communications Resources

If you need assistance preparing communications pieces, please see below for samples of how to get started:

Steps in Preparing a Case Statement

In preparing a case statement, a person should be thinking about the way they would like to tell their story and how to make the best compelling statement possible. Below are four steps that one should think about when developing their case statement for support.

  1. Mission Statement; this paragraph is where you give the reader an idea of the history of your area and its current purpose if it has evolved.
  2. Current Activities; this paragraph should focus the reader’s attention on what is currently being done by the staff in terms of programs and activities that are geared towards promoting student success. *Identification of programs and compelling statistics if useful
  3. Needs Statement; this paragraph should identify the needs associated with the program. This paragraph should be written in a compelling way that emphasizes a call to action on the part of the reader. *Sample language found in this paragraph: For these programs to succeed, additional resources are needed…
  4. Listing of Support Areas; this area is where the areas of support are listed. Funds, scholarships, and or programming needs are sufficient for this area and two to three sentences for each is sufficient.

Thank You Letters

Website Presence on Department Sites

  • List out donors to the programs (before you decide to choose this, make sure the donor is aware that this is an option and ask them if they are okay with having their name listed as a supporter)
  • If a corporation has donated, put their logo on your page to recognize them. Corporations look for this as part of their giving to an area that helps promote their brand and will ask about this option during the phase when they are considering supporting a given area.

*Language pertaining to a corporation’s logo being placed on marketing for an event related to sponsorship should be included in the agreement and will be reviewed by Advancement prior to any documents being signed.