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Proactive Classroom Management

Classroom management is most effective when:

  • Faculty engage students at the beginning of the semester in a discussion of expectations for classroom conduct
  • Behavioral expectations are included in the course syllabus, specific to standards for classroom conduct
  • Behavioral guidelines are consistently enforced and applied fairly
  • Faculty respond in a calm manner to behavioral disruptions
  • Faculty initially address mildly disruptive behavior by engaging the student in a conversation about their behavior in a meeting outside of class

Peak times of increased student stress

  • Semester start and end
  • Midterms
  • Holidays

Issues that may increase student stress

  • Financial or Legal problem
  • Pending assignments, final exams, workload
  • Divorce, roommate, or relationship conflicts
  • Health issues
  • Returning home for the holidays

When you are concerned

  • Tell them you are concerned
  • Know campus resources
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions
  • Know your limits and when to refer
  • Consult for advice