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The Dean of Students oversees all aspects of the Dean of Students office, including setting the goals and long-range planning for the department. Our Associate Dean of Students manages the day-to-day function of the office, also serving as the principle coordinator of student conduct matters. There are four Assistant Deans who support the overall mission and vision of the office. Our team is rounded out with support of our Instructional Assistants, Office Supervisor, Office Coordinator and Student employees.

Donell Young, J.D.Donell Young, J.D.

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Jerrell Sherman, Ed.D.Jerrell R. Sherman, Ed.D.

Associate Dean of Students

Sara L. Jahansouz Wray, Ed.D.Sara L. Jahansouz Wray, Ed.D.

Associate Dean of Students

Lanita Reesie Holsey, Ph.D.Lanita Holsey

Assistant Dean of Students

Alyssa Veteto, M.Ed.Alyssa Veteto, M.Ed.

Assistant Dean of Students

Melissa MelendezHeadshot of Melissa Melendez

Care Manager

Debbie ByrdHeadshot of Debbie Byrd

Administrative Assistant

La Donna HoganHeadshot of La Donna Hogan

Administrative Coordinator

Sara BaldazoHeadshot of Sara Baldazo

Instructional Assistant

Kelvin BezaHeadshot of Kelvin Beza

Instructional Assistant