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Alex Badas


Assistant Professor
Office: PGH 431
Twitter: BadasTweets
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Research Interests

  • Judicial Politics
  • American Politics
  • Concept measurement

Biographical Summary

Alex Badas is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Houston. He joined the department in the fall of 2018. His research expertise is within the field of judicial politics and covers a diverse set of topics including judicial decision-making, public attitudes towards judicial institutions, and representation within the judiciary. He teaches courses on Judicial Behavior and Constitutional Law.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Badas, Alex. Forthcoming. "Elevation Potential Among Circuit Court Nominees and Its Effect on the Senate's Confirmation Behavior." Political Research Quarterly

Badas, Alex. 2019. "Policy Disagreement and Judicial Legitimacy: Evidence from the 1937 Court Packing Plan.The Journal of Legal Studies 42(2) 377-408.

Badas, Alex. 2019. "The Applied Legitimacy Index: A New Approach to Measuring Judicial Legitimacy.Social Science Quarterly 100(5) 1848-1861.

Badas, Alex and Katelyn E. Stauffer. 2019. "Voting for Women in Nonpartisan and Partisan Elections.Electoral Studies 57 245-255.  

Badas, Alex and Katelyn E. Stauffer. 2019. "
Michelle Obama as a Political Symbol: Race, Gender and Public Opinion towards the First Lady.Politics & Gender 15(3) 431-459.

Badas, Alex and Katelyn E. Stauffer. 2018. "Someone Like Me: Descriptive Representation and Support for Supreme Court Nominees.Political Research Quarterly 71(4) 127–142. 

​Badas, Alex. 2016. "The Public's Motivated Response to Supreme Court Decision-Making.Justice System Journal 37(4) 318-330.