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Basic Video Guidelines


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PREPARE your message.

Narrow down the content to no more than 3 points and be sure you know which is the most important. Imagine it as a newspaper headline – short, sweet and precisely to the point. And memorize these three points. Practice repeating them using some examples and supportive phrases.  Soon you’ll find your script is pretty much written


The camera is your audience. If you are speaking to the audience, keep your eyes on the camera. Just like in an interview, always focus on the person interviewing you.

Relax and smile.

Remember to breathe. Some people, when nervous, hold their breath. You are in control, your audience wants to know what you have to say; so smile, relax, deliver your expertise, and breathe regularly throughout the session.

Body language

Avoid too much movement such as walking and swaying, but some hand movement is fine.
When sitting, lean just slightly forward, shoulders down and then sit as tall as you can but without stiffness.


Wear attire that properly represents the university. A dusting of face powder helps to remove the shiny look.


This is when you get to play with your voice and your style of speaking; add some inflection, show some energy, be dynamic, include some nuances and avoid a monotone voice.