UH Student Receives First Place in National Chinese Speech Contest

UH Student Receives First Place in National Chinese Speech ContestTaylor Hart, from Chinese 1502

Chinese student Zeeshaan Siddiqui participated in the National Chinese Speech Contest (NCSC), winning the first place at the college level.

The NCSC was hosted by the American Academy of International Culture and Education (AAICE) and co-hosted by the Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA-USA).

All U.S. students grades 3-12 and college-level Chinese language learners were invited to participate in the contest. A total of 1,420 students were recommended by over 300 teachers in more than 40 states. Fifteen contestants from each group were selected to participate in the final competitions after the first round, and UH student Siddiqui was one of 30 finalists in the college non-heritage group.

The final competition started on March the 24th and competed every weekend until April 23rd. Siddiqui won first place. Prizes will be awarded to both the winners and their teachers.

Siddiqui has enrolled in the UH Faculty-Led Study Abroad Chines Summer Program. He will continue to study Chinese in Taiwan this summer.

National Chinese Speech Contest Talent Show Winner

The National Chinese Speech Contest (NCSC) Talent Show Winner also calls for the Chinese Talent Show Performance. The selected performances were featured during final competitions, and these videos may also be exhibited in the other AAICE events and websites. Taylor Hart, from Chinese 1502, participated in the talent show, and her performance was selected to be featured at the college final competition.

Professor Jing Zhang coached Siddiqui for the Chinese Speech and advised Hart for the Talent Show Performance.