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Pre-Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Society


Mission Statement

The Pre- Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Society (PTOTS) at the University of Houston aims to provide resources and opportunities to students pursuing the fields of physical therapy and occupational therapy. PTOTS will provide information to students about the physical therapy and occupational therapy professions by hosting meetings with field professionals. We will prepare students for professional PT and OT programs by hosting a series of workshops covering the admissions process, resume building, mock interviews, GRE preparation, etc. Most importantly, PTOTS aims to build a supportive community of like-minded students through volunteer opportunities, program tours, and social functions.


President Alexis Sedgwick
Vice President Paola Ozuna
Treasurer Merilyn Vila
Secretary Jude Tanueco
Volunteer Coordinator Jocelyn Davila
Public Relations Helena Ventura
Athletic Director Nicholas Dean
Fundraising Coordinator Christopher Moreno
Program Tour Coordinator Luis Bonilla
Social Chair Tan Ngo