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Daniel  O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor, Ph.D.

Dean; College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Professor

Office Number: 145 MEL
Phone: 713.743.2377
Fax: 713.743.9860


Mailing Address:
3875 Holman St., Rm 104 Garrison
Houston, TX 77204-6015


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Research Interests

O’Connor’s interdisciplinary research agenda includes evaluating the effectiveness of health-related interventions, explaining individual variation in health outcomes and investigating the effects of physical activity on health and risk factors. He has collaborated in research across many diverse fields and topics, including obesity, health and wellness, public health, kinesiology, exercise science, rehabilitation, movement disorders, physiology, and surgery.

Recent Publications and Research Activity

Active Externally Funded Research

Principal Investigator:
United Health Foundation. A Community Collaborative for Preventing and Treating Obesity in Underserved Communities in Houston. (Co-Principal Investigator with Ezemenari Obasi).

William T. Grant Foundation. Can Food Scholarships Reduce Inequality by Improving College Persistence Among Community College Students? (Principal Investigator Daphne Hernandez).

NIH/National Cancer Institute. U-HAND (University of Houston/MD Anderson) Program to Reduce Cancer Disparities. (Co-Principal Investigators Lorraine Reitzel and Lorna McNeill).

Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT). Taking Texas Tobacco Free: Increasing Tobacco Cessation in Substance Use Treatment Centers via an Evidence-Based, Comprehensive Tobacco-Free Workplace Program. (Principal Investigator Lorraine Reitzel).


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Darouiche RO, Green DM, Harrington MA, Ehni BI, Kouglas P, Bechara CF, O’Connor DP. Association of airborne microorganisms in the operating room with implant infections: a randomized controlled trial. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology. 2017;38:3-10.

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Parker N, O’Connor DP, Kao D, Lee RE. Do neighborhood physical activity resources and land-use influence physical activity among public housing residents? Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved. 2016;27:1330-1344.


B.A. in Human Performance and Health Sciences at Rice University, 1991

M.S. in Physical Therapy at Texas Woman's University, 1993

Ph.D. in Kinesiology at University of Houston, 2002