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Dr. Emily   LaVoy

Dr. Emily LaVoy

Assistant Professor

Office Number: 104U GAR
Phone: 713-743-0829
Fax: 713-743-9860


Mailing Address:
3875 Holman St., Rm 104 Garrison
Houston, TX 77204-6015

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Research Interests

I investigate the effects of physical activity and exercise on our immune systems. My goal is to use this knowledge to modulate our immune systems to promote health. Using both basic and translational approaches, my research investigates how exercise improves diseases and conditions associated with immune dysregulation, such as cancer, addiction, and age-related declines in immunity. My research also asks if infection history influences the relationship between exercise and immune health. By furthering our understanding of the immune system, this research will improve the quality of life of patients suffering from cancer and inflammation-related diseases.

Recent Publications and Research Activity

* LaVoy, E.C., Arlinghaus, K., Rooney, B., Gupta, P., Atkinson, R., and C. Johnston. High Adenovirus 36 seroprevalence among a population of Hispanic American youth. Int J Adolesc Med Health- in press

*Wardle, M.C., Lopez-Gamundi, P., and E.C. LaVoy. (2018) Effects of an acute bout of physical exercise on reward functioning in healthy adults. Physio and Behav 194:552-559.

# Rooney, B.V., Bigley, A., LaVoy, E., Laughlin, M., Pedlar, C., and R. J. Simpson. (2018) Lymphocytes and monocytes egress peripheral blood within minutes after cessation of steady state exercise: A detailed temporal analysis of leukocyte extravasation. Physio and Behav 194:260-267

#Lee, J., Lee, Y., LaVoy, E.C., Umetani, M., Hong, J. and Y. Park. (2018) Physical activity protects NLRP3 inflammasome-associated coronary vascular dysfunction in obese mice. Physiol. Reports 6(12):e13738.

*#Gupta, P., Bigley, A., Markofski, M., Laughlin, M., and E.C. LaVoy. (2018) Autologous serum collected 1h post-exercise enhances natural killer cell cytotoxicity. Brain Behav Immun. 71:81-92

# Serajian, A., Nourshahi, M., LaVoy, E., and D. Eliaspour. (2017) Decrease in baseline values of inflammatory mediators and improvement in muscular performance after 4-weeks fish oil supplementation. Razi Journal of Medical Sciences, 24 (160)

*LaVoy, E.C., Hussain, M., Reed, J. Kunz, H., Pistillo, M., Bigley, A. and R. J. Simpson. (2017) T-cell redeployment and intracellular cytokine expression following exercise: effects of exercise intensity and cytomegalovirus infection. Physiology Reports, 5 (1)

*LaVoy E.C., Fagundes C.P., and R. Dantzer. (2016) Exercise, inflammation, and fatigue in cancer survivors. Exercise Immunology Review, 22 82-93

Simpson, R.J., Bigley, A.B., Spielmann, G., E.C. LaVoy, Kunz, H., and C.M. Bollard. (2016) Human cytomegalovirus infection and the immune response to exercise. Exercise Immunology Review, 22 8-27.

# Silveira, S.L., LaVoy, E.C., and C.A. Johnston. (2016) Assisting the novice in lifestyle change. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, 10 (3)

*LaVoy E.C., Bollard C.M., Hanley P.J., Blaney J.W., O’Connor D.P., Bosch J.A., and R.J. Simpson. (2015) A single bout of dynamic exercise enhances the expansion of MAGE-A4 and PRAME-specific cytotoxic T-cells from healthy adults. Exercise Immunology Review, 21,144-53.

*LaVoy E.C., Bollard C.M., Hanley P.J., O’Connor D.P., Lowder T.W., Bosch J.A., and R.J. Simpson. (2015) A Single Bout of Dynamic Exercise by Healthy Adults Enhances the Generation of Monocyte-Derived-Dendritic Cells. Cellular Immunology 295, 52-59.

Brown, F.F., Bigley, A.B., Ross, J.S., LaVoy, E.C., Simpson, R.J., and S.D.R. Galloway. (2015) T-lymphocyte populations following a period of high volume training in female soccer players. Physiology and Behavior

*LaVoy, E.C., Bigley, A.B., Spielmann, G., Rector, J.L., Morrison, M.R., O’Connor, D.P. and R.J. Simpson. (2014) CMV amplifies T-cell redeployment to acute exercise independently of HSV-1 serostatus. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 46, 257-267.

Spielmann, G. Bollard, C.M., Bigley, A.B., Hanley, P.J., Blaney, J.W., LaVoy, E.C., Pircher, H. and R.J. Simpson. (2014) The effects of age and latent cytomegalovirus infection on the redeployment of CD8+ T cell subsets in response to acute exercise in humans. Brain Behavior and Immunity, 39, 142-151.

* denotes first/senior author, # denotes student manuscript


B.S. in Biology at Northern Michigan University, 2005

M.S. in Biology at Northern Michigan University, 2008

Ph.D. in Kinesiology at University of Houston, 2014