HHP Games 2023


The First Annual HHP Games! HHP Games took place on October 27, 2023, in Room M201 (Melcher Life Sciences Building). This event was designed to give HHP students an opportunity to compete in educational events to obtain scholarships. There were a couple of events that are simply just for fun, and winners of those events won gift cards. There were degree level specific events, and a couple of events open to HHP students in all degree levels.


Congratulations to all the winners!

Mac & Cheese Brawl: Lizette Villanueva
Marketing Plan for E-Sports: Chukwudi Ogbonnaya
Wellness Activity Design: Maritza Diaz
COOG Talks: Emily Nelson
Undergrad Written Research Proposal: Rosaleen Sweiti
Market our Program: Maritza Diaz
Ping Pong Tournament: Kelan Smith

Elevator Speech winners:

1. Charlie Hodgman
2. Tie: Rebekah Hunt and Jessica Kirschmann
3. Komal Kukkar
4. Dacia Martinez Diaz

Images from the 2023 HHP games

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Below is a description of events at the 2023 HHP games.


These games are open to undergraduate students with declared HHP majors.

Mac & Cheese Brawl ($250 scholarship)

This event will involve creating a better and healthier version of a traditional household meal: macaroni and cheese. Students will need to create a recipe that is healthier than a standard box of mac and cheese. Students will show a side-by-side comparison of the old recipe and their new one. Students will write a paragraph or two of no more than 200 words describing why their recipe is healthier. They will also bring their creation to the event for judges to try. After reviewing and tasting the new recipes, judges will decide which recipe is the best. The winner will receive a scholarship. There will also be a “Golden Macaroni” award that will go to a student as well. The Golden Macaroni award will be voted on by students, professors, and anyone else who shows up to games.

Marketing Plan for E-Sports ($500 scholarship)

Students will create an E-Sports team (can be for any game) and develop a 1-page marketing plan for the team. Students will have 3-5 minutes to present to the judges. Students can use a visual. Must be a paper visual printed for the judges limited to 2 pages max. Judges will decide which proposal is the best. The winner will receive a scholarship. Some items to think about for the presentation: What is your team's name and what game are they playing? Who is your target audience? Where are your ads placed? What sets your team apart from other teams?.

Wellness Activity Design ($500 scholarship)

Create 5-8 slides on a wellness activity for faculty and staff. The activity/program should be designed to combat a common chronic health issue that staff/faculty would normally face: mental health, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, sleep, nutrition, etc. Some items that should be considered in the program are nutrition, physical activity, sustainability, social aspect (are participants of this activity able to be social through this program?), mechanisms to get participants motivated and stay motivated, creativity/innovation. Students will have 3-5 minutes to present to the judges.

Below are the key questions that need to be answered in the presentation:

  • What issue are you tackling? What is the driver for the activity?
    • Mental health
    • Diabetes
    • Cholesterol
    • Blood pressure
    • Sleep
    • Nutrition
  • How does it affect positive change in the staff/faculty member?
  • What is the goal? What are the measures of success in this program?
  • How much is the program going to cost?
  • Is it on or off campus?

Undergrad Written Research Proposal ($750 scholarship)

Health in Diet, Fitness, Sports: 1-page written proposal and a 5-minute presentation on the topic of improving or designing a diet, fitness, or sport program on campus. Some examples of program proposals can include changing the food that is offered in the dining halls, adding some public scooters and bikes to campus for students, staff, and faculty use, creating fitness programs at the rec center that can help with disabled students, etc. The proposal and presentation will need to include why this program will benefit the university and how it will benefit the students, staff, and faculty on campus. Students will present their written proposal and presentation to judges. Judges will decide which proposal is the best. The winner will receive a scholarship. Students can also partner with a faculty member on this proposal. When a student wins, the faculty member that partnered with them will receive research funds.


MASTERS ($750 scholarship for all)

Masters students in HHP can participate in the event for their degree program.


Create an 8- to 10-minute TED Talk–like presentation. You may use visual aids (charts, graphs, etc.); however, you cannot use audio or video recordings. TED Talks are usually approximately 20 minutes long, so this will be much more abbreviated. Topics are listed below by graduate program type. Each COOG Talk will be evaluated utilizing a standardized scoring rubric.

For more information on how to write a TED Talk script, visit https://speakerflow.com/how-to-write-a-ted-talk-outline-from-scratch/

Athletic Training:

  • Why should a school have an athletic trainer?


  • Inclusive leadership - Advocacy for a nutrition related policy or legislative bill; Prevention of malnutrition and/or nutrition related disease utilizing nutrition physical focused exam. 

Sport and Fitness Administration:

  • Shark Tank” Sport Business Pitch: This pitch includes your business proof of concept that may entail, but not limited to: 
    • new sporting event bid for Houston
    • new pro team for Houston
    • new marketing and promotion firm that handles NIL for college sports or for UH
    • a brand-new sport-related business for customers in Houston


PHD (Scholarships: $1,000 1st place, $750 2nd place, $500 for 2 runners-up)

Elevator Pitch:

PhD students will present their research to judges in a 2-3-minute speech. Judges will decide which is the best and that student will receive a scholarship.



Market Our Program ($500 scholarship)

In this event, students will produce a Logo and tagline for the HHP Department. Students will also submit a 1-page plan for how to market the HHP department. Student submissions will be printed and presented to judges. Judges will decide which logo and tagline is the best. The winner will receive a scholarship.

Ping Pong Tournament (Gift Card)

Students can form teams of up to 3 students. The games will be in a tournament style. Games will be single elimination style and last 5 minutes long. The winning team will move on to the next round. The final winners will be awarded gift cards and the Golden Paddle Award. Registration link will be live in the first week of October.