Glass Mountain Update: 2023 Boldface Conference Dates & Funding Opportunities

2023 Boldface Conference

Boldface was founded in 2009 by the editors of Glass Mountain, the University’s undergraduate literary magazine. Boldface’s mission is to give emerging writers access to experiences that are typically available only to professional writers: several days of intense focus on the craft of writing through workshops, readings, and craft talks.  

FORWARD spoke with Boldface’s graduate advisor, Ph.D. student and fiction writer Patrick Stockwell, to learn more about the upcoming 2023 Boldface conference, scholarship opportunities, and the recent Glass Mountain Launch Party featuring third-year Ph.D. student Nick Almeida. 

FORWARD: We’ve heard great things about Boldface in terms of professional development, community building, and networking opportunities. Have you pinned down the dates for your next conference? 

Stockwell: Glass Mountain hosts the Boldface conference each summer. It’s a five-day concoction and one of the best deals in the country when it comes to bang for your buck for a professional writing conference. We’re excited to announce the dates for Boldface 2023: May 22 - 26 at the University’s Honors College. Again, our conference distinguishes itself not only in terms of quality, but in terms of accessibility to emerging writers. Writers can attend our five-day conference for only $195 if they take advantage of our Early Bird Registration from March 17 – May 8. Regular Registration opens May 9th at a cost of $250. Of course, if students can’t swing the costs, scholarships are available. We’d also like to make a direct appeal to graduate TAs and alumni who have students they think will benefit from attending Boldface—let us know and we can help direct your students toward funding sources.

FORWARD: Do you offer financial support for out-of-town attendees?  

Stockwell: We’ve partnered with the Rowan Foundation to create the Rowan Scholarship. It covers the conference admission costs as well as kicks in an additional $1,000. This year’s deadline to apply is April 10th. Eligible applicants must reside outside of the Houston Metro Area and submit a writing sample and cover letter. It’s easy to apply and something I hope our CWP alumni are aware of.  

FORWARD: We heard great things about the recent Glass Mountain Launch Party. How did it go? 

Stockwell: The launch went really well. Nick Almeida was able to read an entire story from his new chapbook. 70 people packed into a single classroom in Roy Cullen to hear him read! It was truly standing room only, and yet there was this cool intimacy to the event. All workshops at Boldface are taught by students from the CWP, like Nick, which is vital work experience for MFA and doctoral students.   

FORWARD: Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about Glass Mountain / Boldface? 

Stockwell: I think something many students don’t know is how participating in our events or with the literary magazine—I’ve managed to push several of my students onto the staff of Glass Mountain, for example—is a powerful way to build community within a large department, a big university, and a huge city. If you’re willing to put in the work, attending a Boldface conference or working with Glass Mountain demystifies the experience of being a working writer in a productive way. Dr. Lynn Voskuil was our founding faculty advisor and our chair, Dr. James Kastely, has been very supportive. Our current faculty advisor is the poet Dr. Hayan Charara. We’re 15 years in now and planning on honoring some of our founders soon with a presentation and big featured reading. Stay tuned!