Dr. Melanie Salome Displays Photographs in Mexico City Gallery

Dr. Melanie Salome Displays Photographs in Mexico City Gallery
Photo by: Melanie Salome

It’s well-known that faculty and students in the English department are passionate about the literary arts. Less frequently, though, do we get to hear about the other artistic passions and hobbies that sustain members of our English community here at UH, and enrich their lives.

Curious to learn more about faculty pursuits beyond the academy, FORWARD spoke to Dr. Melanie Salome, who has spent decades developing her passion for photography—and, this summer, travelled to Mexico City to pursue it further.

I recently heard that you exhibited some photographs as part of a show in Mexico City. Could you tell me a little more about the exhibition and how you came to be a part of it?

I had two photographs that were digitally exhibited as part of an online photo competition that’s continual, through an organization called GuruShots, displayed at this gallery called Almanaque Fotográfica. I’ve done a lot of traveling, mostly in the US, and I’ve had a camera since I was nine—and I love photography, and I’ve always taken pictures, mostly landscapes and nature photography. I’ve had fifteen photos published in online photography magazines; I’ve had seventeen in galleries that are all around the world—so I’ve had pictures in London, Barcelona, Philadelphia, Cypress, and others. It's a lot of fun, and a way for me to indulge in this lifelong hobby. It’s also great to compare notes with other photographers.

Do you see your photography influencing your work at UH in the English department, or vice versa?

It’s a creative art, and certainly that’s an aspect of what we do here in the English Department, in terms of creative arts, creative writing. I look at photography as a hobby, as a major interest that I’ve had throughout my life, and to share it with other people brings me joy. It allows me to be more creative, and get in touch with my creative side. It’s a craft of a different sort—a visual craft instead of a writing craft. I think photography is also very therapeutic.

Do you find yourself photographing landscapes around Houston?

I have. I’ve gone to Brazos State Park, and Sheldon State Park, and some of the lesser known ones, and I've really gotten some beautiful pictures. I try to get sunsets and sunrises. Some of my best ones were at Huntington Beach in California, and it was really gorgeous seeing the sunset there. And then the sunrise as I was driving to the airport—I pulled over on the side of the road. I’m one of those people with the camera: everything I see is a photo opportunity, even when I’m driving.