Due to technical difficulties, some of the video links in this website no longer work. We are uncertain as to when or if we will be able to correct these problems. However, the video clips constitute only a small portion of the material in this website. Moreover, the full transcripts of the oral histories from which the video clips were drawn can be found by following the "Resources" link below.

To Bear Fruit For Our Race College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

About Us

The University of Houston Center for Public History and the Houston Medical Forum created this website:

  • To capture and share an important and rarely told story about African American professionals, such as the physicians who cared for Houstonians in the twentieth century
  • To inspire students generally and minority students in particular to contemplate and pursue careers in medicine or other professions

Hear Dr. Rogers explain why she thinks the "To Bear Fruit" project is important.

The Center for Public History is the administrative unit of the UH public history program. Its primary mission is to train graduate students for history-related positions in the community through a rigorous, professional program. The Center for Public History also conducts meaningful research of benefit to the public. UH students and faculty direct or work on projects with local and regional institutions, such as the Houston Medical Forum.  Various UH graduate students, listed below, completed this website under the supervision of the CPH’s Associate Director, Kathleen A. Brosnan.

The Houston Medical Forum was founded in 1958 as an association for black doctors. Today it exists as a component society of the National Medical Association, Inc. and a branch of the Lone Star Medical Association. Its members consist predominantly of African American physicians and surgeons as well as residents and medical students.

UH Graduate Students

Assistant Project Directors

  • Ramona Hopkins
  • Stephanie Fuglaar

Senior Researcher

    Vicki Myers


  • Leigh Cutler
  • Daisy Durham
  • Erin Graham
  • Lauran Kerr
  • Timothy O’Brien
  • Jack Salamanchuk
  • Yimei Zhang
  • Courtney DeMayo

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