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The UH Oral History of Houston Project at the Center for Public History continues to collect interviews of famous and not-so-famous Houstonians. These interviews will add to our growing collection of first-hand accounts of Houston History. If you would like to participate in our program either as an interviewer or an interviewee please contact us at 713-743-1283.


March 2013

    • The UH Oral History of Houston Project is transferring a new set of interviews to the Houston History archive. Look for interviews on the Yates/Ryan School project, the Mexican American History project, the Black Female Physicians project, and Houston Arts.
    • An edited interview from the Oral History of Houston Project will be featured in the Spring issue of Houston History. The interview is an excerpt from a conversation with Juan Parras, director of the Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Service (TEJAS). The full interview and transcript will soon be available in the Houston History archive.

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Ricky and Cantinflas News clipping article

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  • Ricky Diaz and Belen Diaz, husband and wife with a rich musical history in Houston, were recently interviewed for the project. Ricky is a prominent Mexican American pianist and all-around musician who has been performing in the Houston area for decades. Belen performed with her husband for a number of years, but she also comes from a family of prominent musicians in the area, the Campeon’s. After the interview is transcribed and edited it will be available to researchers, along with a number of great photos the Diaz’s provided.