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Master of Arts Admission

Applications are submitted to the University of Houston Graduate School. See instructions below. Once the applications are complete, the COMD admissions committee will review each application.

To be considered for acceptance to the master's program, applicants must have at least a 3.0 GPA overall and at least a 3.0 in the major. A personal statement (including answers to two additional questions), letters of recommendation, and a resume are also required as part of our holistic review process.  GRE scores are no longer a part of the application process to the master’s program.

The GPA will be calculated with the grades that are on the transcript. Grades such as Satisfactory/
Unsatisfactory or Pass/Fail issued during the COVID-19 pandemic will not be counted. Please note, although these grades are not counted, applicants must have satisfactory or pass for all prerequisite classesOn the application, there will be an opportunity to comment on grades received or personal situations for the academic terms during the COVID-19 semesters. These comments will be considered within the entirety of your application during review. 

For Fall 2023, 40% of applicants were accepted. The average GPA in the major was 3.89, and the average overall GPA was 3.78.

For admission in Fall 2024, the deadline for completed applications is January 15, 2024. We do not offer spring or rolling admissions.