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  • Air Force ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) offers a Four-Year Program that typically takes place simultaneously with earning your Undergraduate Degree.  In some cases a Three-Year Program is authorized but is more difficult to accomplish due to its accelerated timeline.
  • The program begins with the General Military Course. As a freshman or sophomore, you'll normally attend one hour of class and two hours of Leadership Laboratory each week. As a freshman, you'll study the history and values of the Air Force in the modern world; as a sophomore you’ll build foundation for Air Force leadership concepts. Before entering the Professional Officer Course, you'll attend a two-week Field Training that offers you a firsthand look at the Air Force environment.
  • During your junior and senior years, you'll complete the Professional Officer Course where you will study management principles, national defense policy, as well as manage, organize, direct, and evaluate the cadet wing activities. During Leadership Laboratory, you will learn about Air Force customs and courtesies, develop leadership and management skills and explore U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force officer career opportunities.
  • When you complete the ROTC program and receive your degree, you will commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force or the U.S. Space Force. Non-flying officers commit to an average of 4-years on active duty, Combat Systems Officers serve 6 years after training, and pilots serve 10 years after training.

Initial Requirements


  • Minimum of 3 years of college courses remaining
  • Enroll full-time in an accredited college that hosts or has a cross-town agreement with an AFROTC detachment. (Check here to see if your college meets this requirement: College Locator)
  • Participate in both the Aerospace Studies class and Leadership Lab each semester
  • Meet age requirements:
    • Minimum age to start program is 14.
    • Minimum age for enlistment is 17.
    • Minimum age for a general commission is 18.
    • Maximum age is 39
  • Be of good moral character without serious or excessive civil involvements

Retention Requirements

  • Pass the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT)
  • Pass a Physical Examination
  • Meet minimum Physical Fitness Requirements (Current Air force Fitness Standards)
  • Maintain Air Force BMI standards (updated standards coming soon)
  • Successfully complete Field Training
  • Maintain required GPA standards
    • POC retention: 2.5 on 4.0 scale
    • Scholarship retention: 2.5 (term) and 2.5 (cumulative) on a 4.0 scale (Pre-Health GPA is 3.5)
  • Receive a "C" or better in all Aerospace Studies Courses
  • Pass all Leadership Labs
  • Receive an allocation slot in the Professional Officer Course
  • Must be a U.S. citizen prior to entry into the Professional Officer Course




If you are a motivated student in high school or college, then you may be just the kind of person we're looking for! You may be asking yourself, "What is Air Force ROTC, and what does it have to offer me?"

Air Force ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) prepares students for careers as Air and Space Force Officers through a college-level curriculum. It is an educational program that prepares men and women to become future leaders of the United States Air and Space Forces while completing their degrees.

AFROTC offers many scholarship opportunities to help you pay for school and a guaranteed job after graduation. The Air Force is always in need of new officers in a variety of career fields. Today's officers are offered technical training opportunities, advanced education, equal pay and promotions, vacation benefits and an excellent retirement plan.

Visit the Air and Space Officer Career Fields website.


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