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Tutoring Center Rules

Students: Please read our updated rules for the CASA Tutoring Center.

  • IMPORTANT: Any new student must register his/her Photo and FingerPrint prior to check-in the Tutoring Center. This is a ONE TIME process at CASA Testing Center, room 222.
  • A Cougar One ID card and Peoplesoft ID is required to check in.
  • Only students currently enrolled in undergraduate mathematics courses offered by UH Central - Math Department are eligible for help (i.e. MATHxxxx). There are no exceptions to this rule!
  • Tutors are not expected to do your online quizzes while they are in process, to do your assignments or to teach you material you have not studied.
  • Cell phone must be turned off or on silent mode.
  • Bring your own books and supplies.
  • No food and/or drinks allowed.
  • Sign in our Tutoring Help Request System for assistance.

NOTE: For any non-math tutoring, please go to Learning Support Services, N109 Cougar Village